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Review & Receive a Bonus Gift

We’d love to know how you’re enjoying your mattress to date. Your feedback is important as it helps us and helps other Aussies to ensure they’re choosing a mattress that’s right for them.   For a limited time, you can receive a Sleepmaker sheet set as a bonus gift by reviewing your purchase online. Simply follow the steps outlined below.


Step 1. Purchase a SleepMaker mattress from any participating retailer in Australia.

Step 2. Go to www.sleepmaker.com.au/registration and complete the form to register your warranty.

Step 3. Submit a review on www.productreview.com.au and once live, email the link and a few additional details to sleepmakersheets@sleepmaker.com.au

Terms & Conditions apply.
Qualifying sizes include Double, Queen and King only. This promotion starts on 4th August, 2020 and ends midnight on 4th November 2020. Registration closes 18th November, 2020. See the full terms and conditions.

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