Are Adjustable Beds Worth It?

Regardless of who you are, how old or young you are, whether you feel healthy or your body aches, whether you are single or part of a family – an adjustable bed (also called ‘an elevation bed’) will provide additional comfort in your daily life. Some things will become easier and more comfortable, while others may give you options that you never thought of. 

So, it’s only natural that adjustable beds in Australia are become more and more popular.  Adjustable beds have health and lifestyle benefits that make them well worth investing in. 

Do I Need An Adjustable Bed?

The bedroom is used to recover from a long day or to get ready for the next. When we relax with a good book before bedtime, are sound asleep after a long day or are having breakfast in bed on Sundays, there is one thing we all want. We want to be comfortable!   

Suppose you’re a book worm who struggles to get into a comfortable reading position in bed, or perhaps you have an urgent work report to complete or some emails to catch up on; you may be wondering ‘do I need an adjustable bed to make it easier to find a comfortable position’.  There is a long list of adjustable bed benefits, including but not limited to, improved breathing, aches and pains eased, better circulation 

Adjustable beds also have many lifestyle benefits; you’ll be able to create memorable family traditions; maybe it’s Friday Night Movie night in bed, or perhaps it’s a lazy Sunday in bed gaming. Pregnancy can make for an uncomfortable sleep, but with help from an adjustable base and compatible Sleepmaker mattress, you can find a position that supports you and your growing tummy or even raise your legs if swelling is an issue. 

Are Adjustable Beds Suitable For Seniors?

Yes, absolutely! Adjustable bases allow seniors to customise their comfort by raising and lowering the head and foot of the bed. This function can make a big difference in sleep quality for older persons, especially those who have chronic pain or other health issues. 

Most adjustable bases have a remote control that sleepers may use to customise the settings. SleepMaker’s range of Delta adjustable bases offer extra amenities like underbed lights or massage capabilities, and some versions have smartphone connection. 

Do Adjustable Beds Help With Back Pain and Back Issues?

While you may believe that back pain is caused by an accident or underlying medical problem, anybody can feel back pain, which can be caused by bad posture and the pressure of our everyday activities. Sitting, standing, and sleeping incorrectly can cause back pain or aggravate it in individuals who already have it. 

We often place needless strain and pressure on our most sensitive regions, such as our backs, when sleeping. Back discomfort can be exacerbated by the improper bedding, the wrong posture, or the wrong angle without you even realising it. 

That’s why using an adjustable bed to treat chronic back pain, as well as back pain caused by an injury, surgical recovery, or a medical condition can be very helpful. Adjustable beds allow you to find the appropriate level of support and placement for you, entirely changing the way you sleep or rest and, as a result, eliminating any unneeded pressure on your back that might cause you discomfort. 

Experts advocate sleeping or laying down in a posture that raises your body in some way if you have back discomfort. Sleeping on an incline, elevating your feet, or placing a cushion under your abdomen are all examples of this. When we change our posture, we relieve tension on our joints and muscles, which can significantly lower our discomfort. 

Each person has a different sleeping position. With only a few changes to our typical sleeping habits, we may achieve not just greater sleep but also relief from back discomfort. 

Investing in a Quality Adjustable Bed

We’ve all seen adjustable beds and imagined what it’s like to sleep on one. afterall, laying down and then pressing a button to sit up and watch TV in a comfortable posture without moving a muscle seems fairly convenient.  

Adjustable beds are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, as they are in the rest of the globe, because to its purported health and lifestyle benefits. However, the most crucial question is whether investing in a quality adjustable bed is worth it. 

At the end of the day (quite literally!), whether an adjustable bed is right for you will depend on your unique lifestyle factors and your personal sleeping style, much like how different people like different pillow heights and mattress firmness. 

Get More Tips On Getting the Best Nights Sleep With SleepMaker

As we have just discovered, adjustable bases like SleepMaker’s Delta range can suit anyone from someone who loves to read in bed, pregnant and new mums right through to the elderly who need to sleep more comfortably. SleepMaker has developed a wide range of advanced technologies to create excellent mattresses in Australia that ensure your body, especially your spinal, is supported while you sleep.  

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