Buying a Bed

For all mattresses sizes, the best mattress is easy to find.

SleepMaker Australian made mattresses are designed to suit not only our Aussie climate, but your unique sleeping needs. Our research shows only 7% of Aussies get enough sleep each night. 

No matter the mattress size, from a king single size mattress to your king sized bed, we’ve also learnt that going bed mattress shopping feels very awkward, afterall it’s pretty strange to lay on a bed with a stranger walking past! 

At SleepMaker, we want to make your bed shopping as simple as possible, so to help you find the right bed mattress that will make sleep better for you, we have curated our bed ranges into three simple edits: Luxury, Performance and Essentials. 

So if you need bed back support, a double bed size mattress or even a cheap mattress, we show you how to choose a mattress from our SleepMaker Australian Made mattresses. 

How SleepMaker’s curated mattress edits make bed shopping easier


With the awkwardness of bed shopping, many people simply don’t have enough time to try every mattress in store. In fact, we recommend to our customers that when try a mattress in store for at least 10-20 minutes. The longer the better. At SleepMaker, we proudly make a huge range of mattresses here in Australia and using our curated mattress edit, we have broken down the task of finding your perfect bed into three simple edits. 

When most people go shopping for a new bed they might already know the size of mattress they need, even if they don’t know the actual dimensions of a double bed or the king size mattress dimensions they usually have an idea if they need bed back support or if they only want a cheap mattress. And of course, many people want the best of the best, preferring to go with a luxury mattress. 

With this in mind, our curated selection of simple edits can help you decide if you want a luxury mattress, a performance mattress or an essentials mattress.  

Why SleepMaker’s luxury mattresses could be for you


Are you someone who loves a softer mattress, or perhaps even a latex mattress it might be a clue that SleepMaker’s Luxury edit is for you. In a Luxury mattress, you’ll find the finest materials available are handcrafted to the highest standards, providing the world’s best support and delectable comfort for the most blissful slumber possible. 

Each mattress in our Luxury Edit is custom-made with the best materials available, from luxurious silk to the softest cashmere. To provide the ideal mattress for the ideal sleep, they are then uniquely created and hand finished. Our time-tested methods, which have been passed down through generations, guarantee quality in every little detail. 

SleepMaker Luxury mattresses features our own custom-designed foam and special spring technology to offer the utmost in comfort and support. Then, each mattress is handcrafted by our team of craftspeople, with great attention to every last detail. Your comfort is guaranteed by our experience. 

Our luxury mattresses are made to maintain your body temperature at the ideal level for the best possible sleep. The most cutting-edge temperature control technology makes sure you wake up feeling fresh, bright, and at your amazing best by drawing heat away from you when you’re too hot and returning it should you become too chilly. If you’re looking to try a SleepMaker Luxury mattress, we highly recommend the SleepMaker Cocoon. 


SleepMaker’s performance mattresses with targeted support solutions


Whether you want the best pressure relief for your back or joints or the most advanced cooling technology, these beds are made to make sure you have a fantastic night’s sleep. Available with pocket springs, ActiveSence and even the famous Australian SleepMaker Miracoil, our performance mattresses offer so much more than something like a simple mattress in a box or cheaper foam mattresses. 

The SleepMaker mattresses in the Performance Edit are made to provide you with outstanding support so you can wake up every morning feeling your best. You can be sure to get the ideal support system for you since we are the only mattress manufacturer in Australia to provide customised spring systems across our whole range, from athletes to busy parents. 

The usual factors that keep you from obtaining a good night’s sleep are aching joints or severe back pain. The Performance Edit gives your body the assistance it needs where it needs it while also adding an extra layer of comfort and support to sustain you through the night. We create sleep so that you may rest better. 

Sleepers who are hot or chilly can rejoice since they won’t be tossing and turning any longer. Performance Edit by SleepMaker provides cutting-edge temperature regulation technology. You will stay at the ideal sleeping temperature all through the night thanks to our innovative temperature control technologies. We create sleep for you so that you wake up feeling entirely rejuvenated. 

When SleepMaker’s essentials mattresses are the choice you need


With pocket springs or foam mattresses, SleepMaker mattresses in the essentials edit make for a great choice for many Australians. The Essentials Edit has mattress technology like pocket springs that offer excellent support all night long so you wake up feeling revived and rejuvenated. The superior support technology from SleepMaker that you have come to know and love will be there for you the whole night. And our hardworking crew right here in Australia makes them. 

Our Essentials Edit continues the tradition of SleepMaker’s fantastic, ultra-comfortable mattresses. Sleep soundly and deeply on layers of DreamFoam, the most comfortable and eco-friendly foam available, which is made in Australia. From the very first night, years of blissful slumber are yours to experience. 

The mattresses from SleepMaker’s Essentials are for you if you enjoy high-quality goods that are also quite affordable, as the majority of Australians do. Our Essentials line guarantees that everyone in Australia gets a good night’s sleep. Each mattress is very well constructed to meet our high standards and provide comfortable sleep at a great price point. If your needing durable king beds or a bed in a box or a double mattress for your teenage, the Australian made pocket springs in the Essentials edit are a great option to look for.  

At SleepMaker we make sleep. Is it time to get better sleep with SleepMaker?


We have a sleep solution for everyone, regardless of who they are or how they sleep. From large to little, hot to cold, and economical to luxurious, there’s something for everyone. Alternatively, if you want to relieve back pain, prevent roll-together, or sleep in a cooler environment, we have a mattress for you. The intricacies are what set us apart, and we’ve had decades to master them. The SleepMaker distinction is made up of hundreds of inventions working together, such as the long-lasting tensile of our springs, cool-to-the-touch surfaces, and foam that conforms to every curve of your body. That’s the difference that’ll have you nodding off for a restful night’s sleep. 

Why not take our Sleep Selector Quiz to find the best mattress for you, or check out our list of retailers to find a store close to you, let us help you find better sleep. You can also check out our special offers here. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more interesting and important sleep tips! 

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