Made for Australians

From our humble beginnings to present day, the SleepMaker story has remained the same. We’ve always been passionate about taking the best of what Australia has to offer, and turning it into the best night’s sleep for all Australians.

We’re a house of proud local brands with world-leading innovations and technologies in bedding, and can offer something to suit every customer need and budget.

Our story started over 80 years ago, and while the materials used to make our mattresses may have changed, our commitment to sourcing the best local materials and hand making each and every mattress here in Australia, hasn’t changed one bit.

Today, SleepMaker is the only mattress maker in Australia to manufacture its own springs and foam right here at home.

A commitment made decades ago and one we’ve stood firm on throughout the years.

This is because of our genuine belief that while we could buy things cheaper from overseas, we certainly can’t buy better.

From sourcing supplies of steel and fabric through our longstanding local partners, as well as our in-house R&D testing, our commitment and passion for making the best mattresses in Australia has also become an improved way of doing business.

By keeping it local, we can always ensure quality materials, a consistent supply and product testing to strict Australian standards.

So if you’re looking at buying a new mattress, choose a SleepMaker. We’re passionately committed to creating Australia’s best mattresses, and proud to be doing all we can to keep thousands of Australians working.

From our seamstresses, to our couriers, to the retail sales staff; we value the vital roles these Aussies play in keeping SleepMaker moving forward.
Support local, buy SleepMaker Australian made mattresses.

Whether you’re looking for the top in luxurious Australian made mattresses, quality yet affordable mattresses or a single mattress for your little one you can’t go past the Australian made quality of Sleepmaker.

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