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Seven ways an adjustable bed makes life easier

Over the decades, the way we use our bedrooms has evolved; gone are the days when the Master bedroom was off-limits and strictly private. Instead, today’s modern families are now enjoying their master bedroom as a central, multi-functioned room.

We read, work, watch TV and even socialise in bed, and over the years, our awareness of how quality sleep can improve our health has grown. So, it’s only natural that consumers are now willing to invest in high-quality beds and mattresses.  Today we explore some ways in which an adjustable bed can make your life easier. 


1 Working from home

Suppose you’re a bookworm who struggles to get into a comfortable reading position in bed. In that case, a Delta Adjustable bed may help you get into your ideal, supportive reading position at the push of a button.

Perhaps you have an urgent work report to complete or some emails to catch up on; you’ll be able to find a comfortable seating position in bed with your Delta adjustable base.


2 Epic Netflix binge watching

At SleepMaker, we talk a lot about healthy bedtime routines and love to educate people about why watching TV before bed isn’t exactly ideal from a sleep hygiene perspective, but the reality of it is – us Aussies do love spending time in bed, even when we arenm‘t sleeping!

Having an adjustable bed frame may make a world of difference whether watching TV or using your laptop in bed, whether you’re recovering from an injury or simply relaxing down with your favourite Netflix series. All you have to do is raise the top half of your bed frame’s height.

The flexibility to vary ergonomic settings will maintain your body at the ideal angle for viewing TV and will prevent you from getting a sore neck or back from trying to sit straight against your headboard.


3 Create family moments

Celebrate special mornings like Christmas Day or Mother’s Day by raising your adjustable bed’s head and inviting the family in for breakfast in bed.

You’ll be able to create memorable family traditions; maybe it’s Friday Night Movie night in bed, or maybe it’s a lazy Sunday in bed gaming – but these special moments will now be much more comfortable.


4 Pregnancy

Pregnancy can make for an uncomfortable sleep, but with help from a Delta adjustable base and compatible SleepMaker mattress, you can find a position that supports you and your growing tummy.

Some women experience oedema (swelling of their legs) in late pregnancy. Swelling is common during pregnancy, especially in the legs, ankles, feet, and fingers.

It usually gets worse towards the end of the day and as your pregnancy progresses. Swelling that develops over time is normally not hazardous to you or your baby, although it can be inconvenient while a rapid rise in swelling might be an indication of pre-eclampsia, which requires immediate medical attention.

When you’re pregnant, your body holds more water than usual, causing swelling. Extra water tends to collect in the lowest regions of the body during the day, especially if the weather is hot or you have been standing a lot. Blood flow in your legs might be affected by the pressure of your developing womb. Fluid might build up in your legs, ankles, and feet as a result of this. To help lessen the swelling, you can raise the legs on your SleepMaker Delta adjustable base and if you have a SleepMaker Delta Cloud, the massage function can also help.



5 New Mother Support

A Delta adjustable bed allows you to raise your back without putting too much pressure on sore muscles. It is the perfect solution for post-birth recovery and those late-night feeds, especially with the soft under bed lighting that comes with the Delta range of adjustable bases.

Feeding newborns often leads to lengthy periods of sitting. When feeding, a deep-cushioned sofa or chair might lead to improper posture patterns, creating additional back and neck pain. Because you’ll be sitting for long periods of time, it’ll be hard to keep your lower spine from bending forwards excessively. It’s frustrating to put a pillow or couch cushion behind your back to keep it straight, and can be painful as you’re recovering from birth.

Feeding your baby on an adjustable bed while inclining the bed at an angle provides comfort and strong back support.  By raising the upper portion of the bed, the spinal cord will be properly supported. Lower back pain might be relieved by inclining the bed at 45 degrees.


6 Recover after exercise

After an intensive exercise session, your body’s recovery is often seen as important as the actual exercise. Your tired legs will appreciate the raised leg support function.

A Delta base and compatible mattress provide customisable support, relieving pressure and actively supporting the joints that need it most.


7 Stop the snoring

Maybe you know the situation? Your partner snores and keeps you awake all night. One of the simplest ways to minimise snoring is to ease the breathing by adjusting the backrest upwards – often as little as four inches is enough. With low-noise adjustable beds, you can help you and your partner – even without waking him or her first!


Get More Tips On Getting the Best Nights Sleep With SleepMaker

As we have just discovered, adjustable bases like SleepMaker’s Delta range can suit anyone from someone who loves to read in bed, pregnant and new mums right through to the elderly who need to sleep more comfortably. SleepMaker has developed a wide range of advanced technologies to create excellent mattresses in Australia that ensure your body, especially your spinal, is supported while you sleep.  We know it can be confusing when shopping for a new bed, so at SleepMaker we’ve curated our mattress range into three simple Edits: Our Luxury Edit for those wanting only the best, the Performance Edit for those who want excellent back support and our Essentials Edit for people who want simple, Australian made, high quality mattresses.

Why not take our Sleep Selector Quiz to find the best mattress for your unique sleeping needs, or check out our list of retailers to find a store close to you.

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