What makes SleepMaker mattresses superior?

What makes SleepMaker mattresses superior?

SleepMaker is responsible for multiple world-first technological innovations in the bedding industry. We combine leading edge innovation and expertise in our world-class operating process, to produce the highest quality mattresses and beds, right here in Australia. Whether you choose a SleepMaker Relax which offers the ultimate in adjustable comfort, quality and support; a SleepMaker Miracoil offering head-to-toe support, adjusting to your body shape and comfort layers designed for breathability and heat dissipation; or even the total luxury of a SleepMaker Cocoon (the mattress behind The Most Beautiful Sleep Ever Made); you’ll know that you’ve made the superior choice with SleepMaker mattresses. Australian made SleepMaker mattresses use superior technology to give you the best sleep ever.   Heat management fabric SleepMaker’s responsive heat management fabric treatment, designed to react to changes in your body temperature, helps to keep you at the perfect temperature all night long. This innovative heat management process works independently across the bed, reacting to the different body temperatures of both you and your partner to ensure a more comfortable sleep. The resulting cool and dry sleeping environment is also more hygienic and will help to extend the life of your mattress.   Climatex Quilt SleepMaker’s luxurious Climatex Quilt sleep surface combines our premium high loft fibre with Dreamfoam. The super-fine structure of Dreamfoam offers maximum breathability and minimum heat build-up.   Sensorzone sleep system The unique Sensorzone technology means each spring sits separately within a Dreamfoam core and responds independently to movement, virtually removing partner disturbance. You can experience the Sensorzone technology in all SleepMaker Cocoon mattresses.   Supportive Miracoil unit  Our supportive spring system used in all Miracoil mattresses offers you superior support through stronger coil wire, and our patented z-shaped coil structure to cover more surface area and provide greater support across the entire mattress. Miracoil Advance mattresses also feature our graduated five-zone system. This allows for mattress transitions from soft to firm zones to perfectly support the hip region and helps to maintain optimal spinal alignment. Superior support also comes from 200mm high springs to provide greater comfort for your body.   Support core The support core in all SleepMaker memory foam mattresses is made from premium Australian made Dunlop Foam, delivering superior support, comfort and durability. This high quality support core enhances the pressure relieving properties of the comfort layers, as it contours to the body to assist with natural spinal alignment.   With all these features combined, you can rest easy with the superior technology of SleepMaker mattresses.
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