Why isn’t my new SleepMaker mattress delivered straight away?

Convenience is a key consideration when it comes to making a purchase decision, but we often overlook how much we are giving up in our pursuit of convenience.

Elements such as craftsmanship, quality materials and attention to detail can be missed in today’s fast moving markets. It’s often said that good things take time, and that’s why SleepMaker don’t rush the manufacturing process.

So you’ve found your perfect mattress and purchased it in store – what happens next?

Your SleepMaker mattress hasn’t been sitting around gathering dust in a warehouse for months. That’s because rather than being mass-produced, each SleepMaker mattress is made to order, right here in Australia.

Once you’ve made your decision and placed your mattress order, it’s sent to one of five SleepMaker factories across Australia where your new mattress is made from scratch. This is where the training and craftsmanship of SleepMaker’s makers enter the picture.

It all starts with the highest quality materials. That means selecting your chosen Support Layer, which give your mattress tailored support to suit you perfectly. On top of the Support Layer goes your Comfort Layer, made from Australian made Dunlop Foams.

The final step is to sew the Sleep Surface onto your mattress. This is one element of SleepMaker’s advanced technology you can actually see – all developed for optimal breathability, airflow and comfort. You may not know about the innovative technology and years of research and development that have gone into your new SleepMaker mattress, but you’re sure to feel it.

You can expect to receive your brand new mattress within 14 days (but depending on where you live, this might be less time). Not long to wait for the mattress of your dreams!

Fast-forward a few short nights…

Hooray, your new bed is now set up in your bedroom, and all made up with fresh linen. (Tip: If you’ve changed bed sizes, you’ll want to treat yourself to some crisp new bedding to match.) And just before you doze off… It’s a great time to register your SleepMaker mattress and to make the most of our after sales service.

Check out this infographic to find out more about why your next new mattress will be well worth the wait.

So if you’re still yet to buy the mattress of your dreams, check out our full range of highly quality mattresses.
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