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Best Mattress Protectors in Australia

Your mattress is an investment. We know they’re not cheap but, at SleepMaker, we also know that investing in a quality mattress is investing in your health. But, how do you protect and maintain your investment? Well, with proper care, cleaning and a mattress protector, your sleep investment will be sound.

But what does a mattress need protection from? What level of protection does it need? It really depends on what’s happening to your mattress. Do you sweat a lot during the night? Have a growing kid? Do you eat in bed? Or, do you just want to make sure the guest bed stays fresh? For general wear and tear protection, then a simple non-waterproof mattress protector might be a cost effective solution. But for hardier wearing and impregnable protection, then a waterproof mattress protector is your best option!
To help, we’ve created a list of best mattress protectors for you to compare and find which brand to go for and what mattress protector will suit your needs. But, before we get to our recommendations, here’s some industry terminology on the different technologies and features that may need further explanation.

Waterproof mattress protection


This claim is often used when a waterproof skin is applied to a soft material layer. It is the most common feature used in mattress protectors and acts as a barrier against spills, accidents and damages.


Water resistant mattress protection


A water resistant mattress protector is good for light wear and tear. It’s a light protective layer against small spills and sweat. It isn’t waterproof and so has the risk of not fully protecting your mattress if a larger accident were to happen.


Polyurethane (PU) membrane


Polyurethane is used everywhere so its often overlooked but when applied to a mattress protector, it serves as a waterproof membrane that’s still breathable. It’s the best protection we have against spills.




TENCEL is a sustainable fibre that is used for its softness and naturally absorbent qualities. In a mattress protector, it is softer than cotton and more durable. It has become the material of choice for most brands.


Sleep surface


The sleep surface is the material that your body and skin touches. This doesn’t include the filling of a padded mattress protector nor the skirting. Comfort is quintessential for this mattress protector area and it effect sleep quality and how you feel.


Fitted Skirt/Skirting


The fitted skirt, or skirting, is the material that wraps around the edges of your mattress protector. It keeps your protector in place and come in different lengths for different mattress heights. Often its used with an elasticated band for a better fit.


Top 5 mattress protector brands:


#1 SleepMaker


SleepMaker’s TENCEL® Protector Pack is a breathable and soft mattress protector. It is constructed to be naturally moisture wicking and temperature balanced with TENCEL®. It’s a waterproof mattress protector that uses a 2-way polyurethane membrane for increased protection. It’s a thin and silent backing that doesn’t feel like it’s there but protects against accidental spills, moisture buildup and allergy causing nasties. It’s designed to keep your mattress and bedding feeling fresh night after night. To keep this mattress protector allergy-friendly, we’ve treated it with Ultra-Fresh, an antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi. It’s a leading brand that when applied to our mattress protector gives lasting freshness and increases its lifespan. We’ve back its durability and quality protection with a 10 year No Stain Promise. It’s the ultimate protection for your mattress that will last the lifetime of your mattress. Available in all sizes from a single mattress protector to super king, all the family can rest easier.


#2 Protect-A-Bed


Protect-a-bed’s Tencel Signature Jacquard Fitted Waterproof Mattress Protector is a bit long winded to say but worth the tongue-twister. It’s a waterproof protector with a unique quilting and silky smooth sleep surface. It’s a waterproof mattress protector that’s made with comfort and freshness in mind. It features a Miracle Layer™ which is their silent, breathable and 100% waterproof skin that protects your mattress and shields against allergens. Using TENCEL and a wood-based fibre filling, their mattress protector is breathable, cooling and more absorbent than cotton. It can even be used with an electric blanket so it’s usable all year round. This mattress protector is one of the bests because of its plush padding which gives it a more luxurious feel. It’s design is similar to a fitted sheet style so that it stays in place but is easy to remove. Their Expandall® fitted skirt is suitable for all standard and extra depth mattresses. Protect-a-bed’s waterproof mattress protector fits all mattress sizes so anyone in the family can sleep worry free.
Their TENCEL waterproof mattress protector is the closest to ours, it’s also Australian made and has a plush feel that gives that added level of comfort. It isn’t, however, treated with Ultra-Fresh nor is it backed by a 10 year No Stain Promise. Our mattresses are soft enough so that our mattress protectors don’t need to be.


#3 Koala


Koala is an Australian owned brand that knows what Aussies need. Its water resistant mattress protector, the Great Barrier, is made with TENCEL lyocell fabric which is treated with an antimicrobial. It’s soft and made to protect from light spills. Their fabric covers all six-sides to keep you cool and dry no matter where you are on the bed and is sustainably sourced. With their Sanitized(R) antimicrobial treatment, you’ll have a healthier sleep while protected against unwanted microbes and bacteria. This attention to freshness means your mattress will stay fresher and cleaner for longer. To protect your mattress further, their TPU barrier is a thin layer that stops staining and small spills or pet accidents. It’s easy to clean with a zippable cover that fully encases your mattress, just zip off the top layer and chuck it in the wash. Koala’s Great Barrier Mattress Protector comes in Standard and Deep Fit skirtings, so whatever your mattress thickness, they’ve got you snugly covered.

Compared to our mattress protector, it falls short in a couple of areas. Theirs isn’t 100% waterproof and doesn’t come with a 10 year No Stain Promise. Ours is also Australian made so it’s made for Aussies by Aussies – we even have them on our own beds! Our antimicrobial treatments are both excellent properties for a mattress protector, but we use Ultra-fresh, one of the leading antimicrobials on the market.


#4 Bambi


Bambi has an Ecorenew TENCEL Mattress Protector that is eco-friendly, naturally hypoallergenic, silky soft and fits snuggly to your mattress. It’s an excellent quality non-waterproof mattress protector that protects your mattress from minor marks and small stains. It’s made with sustainable Tencel and features a 100% Australian cotton cover that is renewable and locally sourced. Its quilted layer uses tencel fill as its hypoallergenic and lighter than wool. You’ll feel comfort and protection all night long with an elasticated fitted skirt that stretches 55cm deep for a snug mattress fit. Backed with a 5 year guarantee, the Bambi TENCEL mattress protector will maintain and protect the appearance of your mattress.
How it differs from the SleepMaker TENCEL Waterproof mattress protector is fairly obvious. Although also made with TENCEL, our mattress protector is waterproof and is 100% made here in Australia. It has a 2-way waterproof PU membrane that is soft, breathable and protects against sweat, mould, mildew and other nasties. You’ll extend the life of your mattress using a more waterproof protector like ours.


#5 Emma


Emma’s Mattress Protector is designed to keep your bed a healthy and clean place. It’s waterproof and antibacterial to efficiently protect your mattress from dust mites, mould and mildew. With a 100% waterproof protective layer, you’ll have worry free nights and dry mornings. It’s made to be machine washable for easy cleaning and to maintain freshness if an accidental spill occurs. The Emma Mattress Protector contains microcapsules of natural probiotics which release with friction. As the fiction occurs, these probiotics multiply exponentially and result in creating a micro-climate that doesn’t allow allergens to grow. Emma has even made this a cooling mattress protector with a top layer made for temperature regulation. Enjoy a constant temperature throughout the night as sweat is wicked away and evaporated quickly. With a tight skirting, this mattress protector will stay wrinkle and crinkle free.

The SleepMaker mattress protector may not be cooling but it is waterproof, antimicrobial and moisture wicking. It’s made with TENCEL which is soft and silky smooth. With less packed in, our mattress protector is a breathable thin layer that you’ll barely notice when put on your bed. We’re backing our protector with a 10 year warranty because we created something that lasts.



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The best mattress protector is definitely a waterproof mattress protector because it gives guaranteed protection against accidental spills, allergens and moisture buildup. But this type of mattress protector is often avoided because it’s considered a thick, noisy and uncomfortable layer that’s only used for bed wetting kids. This used to be the case but the waterproof mattress protector has evolved as evident by the top best mattress protectors described above. They now use technologies and materials that are softer, quieter, easier to use and are more durable. When buying your next mattress protector, give it a feel and check out it’s features. You might be surprised and your mattress will thank you for it. Already convinced? Find a retailer near you for our SleepMaker TENCEL Protector Pack.
For more advice on how to get a better sleep, check out our sleep guide.

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