5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This year’s been a doozy hasn’t it? With a lot going on, you’ve been a wife, mother, teacher, not to mention a work-from-home multi-tasking all-round legend. So, this year’s Father’s Day gift – while carefully disguised as a cool DIY project for your other half – should be something you’ll appreciate too. So here’s FIVE ways for you to both enjoy a bedroom makeover. To help you along, we’ve partnered with Bunnings to give 3 lucky winners a $50 voucher so all you’ll need to do is make him a cup of tea.  Enter here.


It’s spring, so a new season and a new look for the bedroom and what changes it completely without knocking down walls than a lick of fresh paint? Selling this gift in as a Father’s Day present is easy. Firstly give him paint samples (of the colours YOU want obviously).

If he’s not too sure on how to actually paint a bedroom, not a problem – there’s plenty of online tools to help or there’s always Painting for Dummies. Since the global pandemic, the colour palette trends for bedrooms are now all about mood-boosting. So think lilacs, blush pink, ice blue or lemon yellow. Chuck in some brushes, drop sheets, drip trays for Father’s Day and your other half should be ready to paint your bedroom in a hue of your choice.


Time to get lit up! Sometimes, the biggest ways to change your bedroom decor & esthetic are the cheapest. That reading light for him, ultimately comes in a pair so… a light for you. When it comes to dust-gathering chunky bedside lamps – these are little passé for 2020. Plus they tend to fill up bedside tables and leave no room for anything else. As your bedroom is a place to relax and unwind, lighting isn’t so much just about illumination but also about setting a tone. Pendant lights & wall sconces or wall lamps are a way to throw some light up and down the wall & reduce the clutter beside your bed at the same time. Depending on whether you’re replacing an existing wall fitting or it’s a new installation – you’ll likely need an electrician for the job to adhere to current Australian legislation.

Quality Bedding

Now this is a trend we can definitely get on board with! Actually buying Australian Made quality bedding is always in style. However, in 2020 the emphasis is on less is more. Put simply, don’t wedge in a giant cheap mattress into your bedroom with minimal space for anything else. Instead, go for a smaller sized mattress and invest in the quality rather than quantity. Try our sleep-selector to see which mattress might best be suited to your sleep situation.

Nothing says  ‘Happy Father’s Day’ more than a trip to your nearest SleepMaker stockist to test a few mattresses. Or you could casually send him an email about mattress specials he could purchase online. Now the seed is planted, his actual gift should be a bedding accessory  – which let’s face it – will really be for you. Fancy new pillows, a doona or fresh crisp white sheets are perfect.


This year is all about greenery in the bedroom – not the faux kind, the real stuff. Choose indoor plants that help filter the air in your bedroom as well as adding a touch of nature to your bedroom decor. The Snake Plant has the NASA tick of approval as one of its Top 10 air-purifying plants plus it converts carbon dioxide to oxygen at night. Go heavy on the NASA accreditation & science when gifting him this plant, and the fact its nickname is the Mother- In-Law’s Tongue.

Personal Pieces

Perhaps the most cost-effective option is also the most fun and definitely personal. In 2020 – bedroom decoration is all about bespoke pieces that centre around you & your loved ones.

Art is one area that you can let your creative juices flow. Steer away from chunky solid framed department store prints and look through your digital archives to see if there might be something for your other half that would personlise the bedroom. Try putting old photos of travel memories, family members on canvas or even their favourite sayings immortalised in art.

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