KülKōte Temperature Regulating Technology

KülKōte contains temperature reactive microcapsules that absorb and release energy at specific temperatures. As KülKōtee absorbs heat energy a cooling effect is created. As the heat source is removed the energy stored within KülKōte is released. This continuous cycle helps manage temperature to assist in keeping you more comfortable in bed.
KülKōte Temperature Regulating Technology

Innovative Sleep Technology

The technology used in KülKōte was originally developed for use in space where the extreme temperatures make the ability to regulate and manage temperature critical. We've partnered with American tech innovator, KülKōte, to infuse our Australian made foam with proprietary temperature reactive microcapsules. A unique water-based polymer is used in conjunction with temperature reative microcapsules to create a breathable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly surface infusion that absorbs and releases heat energy at specific temperatures for a more consistent and comfortable sleep.


KülKōte works by changing state from liquid to solid within a microcapsule as heat is applied or removed. These changes in state are activated at specific temperatures to aid temperature regulation. Comprised of a unique water-based polymer and temperature reactive microcapsules, KülKōte helps assist with temperature regulation for a more consistent and comfortable sleep.

KülKōte Copper

KülKōte Copper supercharges the temperature regulation properties of the temperature reactive microcapsules with the heat conducting properties of copper. Renowned as one of the world's best thermal conductors, KülKōte Copper has been designed to aid in providing a more comfortable sleep environment by efficiently transferring heat energy between your body and the temperature reactive microcapsules contained in KülKōte.

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