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Best Pillows in Australia 2024

Pillows can make all the difference to your sleep. If you’re waking with a sore neck or a headache in the morning, then it might be your pillow at fault. Buying the best pillow is worth investing in, and finding the right pillow comes down to how you sleep.

Do you sleep on your side? Or, on your back? Do you find yourself flipping your pillow to the cool side halfway through the night? Do you prefer sleeping on a cloud? Or do you find your neck needs firmer support? From your sleeping position to the comfort of your pillow, there are plenty of things to consider when finding the right one. As sleep experts, we’ve tried and tested every pillow possible and found memory foam pillows are best for durability, comfort and support.

Types of memory foam pillows that are SleepMaker approved:


Simple Visco/Memory Foam Pillows

Originally developed by NASA, memory foam has become common in most households worldwide. Memory foam or visco-elastic foam is a supple foam that conforms and cushions when pressure is applied.

A memory foam pillow contours to your head, neck and shoulders giving you support throughout the night no matter your sleeping position. As a foam, it can be made with different densities for a firmer or softer feel.

Copper-infused Memory Foam Pillows

These memory foam pillows are infused with copper for cooling and protection against household allergens. Being naturally anti-microbial and conductive, copper-infused memory foam pillows are the perfect pillow for allergy sufferers needing a cool down.

Carbon Cooling Memory Foam Pillows

For those wanting a natural solution for hot sleepers, using graphene or charcoal infused into a memory foam pillow can help. The carbon acts as a conductor of heat and comes together when pressure is applied to release heat away from the surface.

Cooling Tech Memory Foam Pillows

Phase change materials (PCM’s) are a revolution in the sleep industry. As a phase changing gel it can be applied as a coating to a foam layer for temperature regulation. On a pillow, it keeps you cooler in summer, by dispersing heat, and warmer in winter by cooling down and trapping in heat. You’ll never need to flip your pillow to the “cool” side again.

With so much to consider, we’ve made things a little easier and created this handy list of the best pillows in Australia. Here’s our top 5 for 2024:


Australia’s best pillow brands

  1. SleepMaker

  2. Beautyrest

  3. Ecosa

  4. Eva

  5. Koala


We’ve taken the best brands out there and have compared their best type of memory foam pillow with one of our SleepMaker pillows. We discuss core features and how each feature benefits you and your sleep. Read on to learn more about these top-rated pillows and find a pillow that will elevate your sleep experience.

#1 SleepMaker Pillows


SleepMaker has 5 pillows designed specifically with Aussie sleepers in mind. They’re all made with memory foam for durable and personalised comfort and support. We’ve tailor-made our pillows for hot sleepers, cold sleepers, and people suffering with aches, pains or allergies with cooling technologies, next-gen foam and anti-allergen protection. 


Next Gen Visco Pillow

Mid Profile Size: 68cm x 38cm x 13cm Contour Profile Size: 60cm x 38cm x 9/13cm 

Our memory foam pillow with a twist. Using reengineered memory foam with an improved open cell structure, our Next Gen Visco Pillow has increased breathability and improved weight distribution. 


CopperGel Pillow

Mid Profile Size: 62cm x 38cm x 13cm Contour Profile Size: 60cm x 38cm x 9/13cm 

The CopperGel Pillow uses the natural anti-microbrial and conductive properties of copper for better temperature management and protection against allergens. It’s a natural cooling pillow designed for hot sleepers or hot summer nights. 


Graphene Infused Pillow

Mid Profile Size: 63cm x 38cm x 13cm Contour Profile Size: 60cm x 38cm x 9/13cm 

This is another of our naturally cooling memory foam pillows but made with diamonds! Our Graphene Infused Pillow draws heat away from the surface and provides firmer support. 


Next Gen Visco + Kulkote Pillow

Mid Profile Size: 68cm x 38cm x 13cm Contour Profile Size: 60cm x 38cm x 9/13cm 

This pillow is an upgrade on our standard memory foam pillow. It has all the benefits of the Next Gen Visco pillow but with the added benefit of Kulkote. Using Kulkote as a coating on one side allows for efficient temperature regulation that’s perfect for hot summer nights and cool winters. 


FusionGel Pillow

Mid Profile Size: 66cm x 38cm x 13cm High Profile size: 66cm x 38cm x 15cm Contour Profile Size: 60cm x 38cm x 9/13cm 

Our gel pillow uses FusionGel infused into our memory foam. With heat-absorbing gel particles, it quickly channels heat to help regulate body temperature. It perfect for the hot head in your life. 

#2 Ecosa Pillow


Ecosa has designed an adjustable contour memory foam pillow that they call the “perfect pillow”. It comes with two additional height pads to adjust according to your shape and build. Designed with an ergonomic contour shape, the Ecosa pillow works for back and side sleepers with different heights on each side for each sleeper. They’ve engineered their memory foam core with a unique 3D structure to reduce heat and moisture from the pillows surface while still maintaining support and comfort to pressure points along your head and neck. They’ve made it convenient with a removable, machine washable and breathable cover to will maintain the freshness of your pillow. When using their memory foam pillow, it is soft to the touch but fairly firm.


SleepMaker’s Next Gen Memory Foam Pillow is very similar to Ecosa’s. It’s a memory foam pillow available in contour and mid profiles. It has a removable and washable knit cover and is designed with breathability, heat reduction and comfort in mind. What SleepMaker’s memory foam pillow has that can’t be competed with, is that its made in Australia and features our next generation memory foam. It’s a new memory foam with an improved open cell structure designed to increase breathability, assist in even weight distribution and be reactive to ambient temperatures. Your head will effortlessly sink into the pillow while fully supported throughout.

#3 Beautyrest CopperGel Memory Foam Pillow


The Beautyrest CopperGel Memory Foam Pillow is an excellent luxury pillow that harnesses the power copper to give hot sleepers a better sleep. This Aussie made pillow uses memory foam infused with copper to maintain the best sleeping temperature. With copper’s natural conductive and anti-microbial properties, it protects against allergens while drawing heat to keep you cooler. In addition, the Beautyrest pillow comes wrapped in a sateen and cashmere removable cover for luxurious softness that stays fresh. This copper gel pillow is available in mid or contour profiles so that every sleeper gets a better nights rest.


SleepMaker also has our own CopperGel Pillow as we too can see the benefits to using a natural element like copper. However, our copper gel pillow is designed with durability and sustainability in mind. Ours is covered in a natural cotton and sustainable TENCEL fabric that is machine washable and durable while also being silky soft to the touch. Your pillow will stay fresher for longer and will last longer too.


#4 Eva Pillow

The Eva Pillow is on our list as an excellent natural cooling pillow. It’s created with activated charcoal-infused memory foam with a plush cover. Using Eva’s custom 100% polyurethane memory foam, their pillow adapts to your head, neck and shoulders without losing its shape. It’s ventilated to promote airflow and covered in a plush TENCEL fabric for softness and breathability. It’s a firmer pillow that uses its cover as an additional comfort option for those wanting a little more softness. Its core feature is its activated charcoal infusion which regulates moisture, removes odours, and aids in cooling.

SleepMaker’s Graphene Infused Pillow, however, uses a different carbon core and has a few extra features. It’s also a memory foam based pillow but with a graphene core that enhances support while drawing heat away. Its natural cooling infusion is fast acting without compromising on comfort and is designed to last all night long. If you often find yourself turning your pillow to the cool side, then this pillow is best for you. To top it off, it comes in mid and contour profiles to match everyone’s sleeping style.

#5 Koala Breeze Pillow


The Koala Breeze Pillow is a new addition to Koala’s successful bedding range. It’s one of our favourites because of its temperature regulation. It features a ventilated charcoal infused memory foam core, a removable and washable TENCEL cover, and a phase change gel coating on one side. It gives sleepers the option for a firmer and cooler side or a softer and warmer side. It has the best of both worlds with natural anti-bacterial materials and top-of-the-line sleep tech. This cooling pillow is designed for comfort and support. It, however, only comes in one profile but is recommended for both back and side sleepers.


Like the Koala pillow, our Next Gen Visco + KulKote Pillow uses PCM technology for temperature regulation, is ventilated, and has a removable cover for breathability and freshness. The biggest differences are that our pillow comes in mid and contour profiles, it uses Kulkote, a reputable international brand, and is 100% Australian made. You can trust the quality of a SleepMaker Next Gen Visco + KulKote Pillow because it’s designed and created by Aussies for Aussie sleepers.

Get Tips On Buying the Best Pillows with SleepMaker!


There’s plenty to consider when buying a new pillow but what it comes down to is personal preference. Remember to keep in mind what kind of sleeper you are, how tall or firm you need your pillow and what features will help you sleep better. Whether you sleep hot or toss and turn throughout the night, SleepMaker has pillows to fit any kind of sleeper.Check out our range and find your perfect pillow today!


If you’re still needing more sleep and bedding info, our sleep guide has more advice on ways of getting a better sleep.

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