Why is a SleepMaker Miracoil so good for back pain?

If you’ve ever experienced back pain, you’ll know how much it affects your life and how important it is to keep your back strong and healthy.

Ensuring that you’re sleeping on a high quality, supportive mattress is a crucial element in back care and making sure you have a restorative sleep every night.

Tossing and turning? Waking up with back ache? SleepMaker Miracoil combines four core technologies to support you and your back while you sleep.

Miracoil Advance 5-Zone Spring System

A great mattress provides back support across the entire bed. The SleepMaker Miracoil range provides support for even your whole body, giving you a better night’s sleep and a better start to your day. Features:

  • Strengthened z-shaped continuous coil support system designed to reduce back stress
  • Total support from top to toe, edge to edge
  • Reduces roll out and partner disturbance
  • Supports 2x 120 kg sleepers

Comfort Edge

  • Solid foam edge provides support right to the edge of the mattress
  • Reduces the ‘roll out’ feeling when at the edge of the mattress

Comfort Mattress Layers

  • New pressure-relieving comfort layers for optimal comfort and support
  • Anti-microbial treatment of  comfort layer foam reduces the spread of allergens commonly found in Australia
  • Selected models contain gel-infused foam to assist with heat dissipation

Climatex Quilt

  • Mattress surface design promotes breathability to keep you cool and comfortable through the night
  • Supportive, pressure relieving sleep surface for back support

We know that our Miracoil range is wonderfully supportive, but don’t just take our word for it. Some customers’ testimonials below:

  • “The best bed I ever bought. It feels so good the moment I lie down. Very soft and comfortable. No back pain.” Long – NSW
  • “After putting up with an old mattress for far too long finally bought a SleepMaker – best thing I could have done for my back.” Karen – VIC
  • “I have never had a SleepMaker bed before and I am so happy I brought this one. I have back and neck problems and always woke in pain. After my first night’s sleep I woke with no pain in my back. I tell everyone about how great my bed and would recommend to everyone.” Greg – NSW
  • “I love our SleepMaker bed. It’s comfortable and so easy to fall asleep in. The only downfall is that I don’t ever want to get out!”  Danielle – QLD
  • “I believe the bed I purchased was the best one I have ever experienced. My back problems have greatly reduced since I bought it.” James – QLD
  • “Our SleepMaker Miracoil provides a very comfortable night’s sleep. It is firm and does not overheat. My husband suffers from back problems and finds this mattress very suitable.” Vilma – WA

For a full list of reviews click here.

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