Ultra Fresh

Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatments inhibit the growth of bacteria. Ultra-Fresh antimicrobials help to keep products fresh, hygienic, and odour free.    


Heat tempered springs provide durability and support you can rely on, proven over time.    

Sensorzone: Advance

The ultimate combination of spring and foam technologies with 5-zones of integrated comfort and support.    


The ultimate combination of spring and foam technologies provides targeted support exactly where you need it most.    


Every night as perfect as the first, this foam provides the same feel from night one through the life of the mattress. This product naturally optimises durability and minimises sagging over time – as well as eliminating new bed hardness. The perfectly designed foam balances supportive feel with foam strength.    

Pocket Spring

Heat tempered pocket springs sit independent of each other in the mattress, so only those springs in direct contact with the body move to provide support where needed.    


The Omnipocket coil support system provides contouring support and durability.    


The Omnicoil continious coil support system is designed to assist with weight distribution and durability.    

Miracoil: Advance

Strengthened z-shaped continuous coil 5-zone support system designed to reduce back stress.    


3-zoned system to provide support exactly where your body needs it most.