What Are Mattresses Made Out Of?

Have you ever just laid down on to a mattress and felt so comfortable that you knew you were about to have a great night’s sleep? Maybe it’s a new mattress you’ve just purchased, one you’ve had for years or even one you slept in while on holidays, whichever the case, knowing what mattresses are made of will help you understand just why it’s so comfortable, and more importantly, make sure the next mattress you buy is perfect – to you.  

Sleep comfort is a unique preference, much like your ideal coffee. Are you a café latte, cappuccino or macchiato person or do you prefer your coffee to be a strong 3/4 decaf, half soy, half skinny, 1 sugar, 1 pump of caramel and 2 pumps of vanilla? 
Believe it or not, mattresses are as diverse as coffee styles with many different ingredients. Mattresses are made of things like latex, traditional foam, memory foam, innerspring (and all their different varieties) to even water. Mattresses are made from multiple components, and just like coffee – you will favor some of these mattress components over others.  

While the ingredients are important to find your ideal bed, it’s also really important for you to understand some of the science behind what’s inside beds. From the science of back support to the science of foam and springs, SleepMaker mattresses wouldn’t exist without chemists, engineers and biomechanics. 

Typically, a mattress is divided into three sections: the support core, which serves as the bed’s foundation, and the softer comfort layer, which is constructed of more reactive materials and provides cushioning close to the surface. Foams, metal coils, or latex are frequently used for support cores, while cotton, wool, polyfoam, memory foam, latex, and other materials can be used for comfort systems, depending on the model. The top and third layer is the sense layer – for its touch properties. At SleepMaker our sense layer often has fabrics made from things like wool, silk, cashmere, TENCEL or a durable stretch knit. 

What are Foam and Latex Mattresses Made Of?

Let’s start understanding mattress ingredients by asking what are foam mattresses made of? Quite simply, foam mattresses are often either one single layer of foam or foam mattresses are made of multiple layers of foam. There are several types of foams that can be used in mattresses 

SleepMaker Traditional Foams

The term “Polyurethane foam” is typically used to describe traditional foam used in mattresses. Most bedding foams, including memory foam, are made of polyurethane. At SleepMaker we use Dreamfoam in all of our mattresses. Our scientists drastically reduced the amount of chemicals used in Dreamfoam, and as a result, we are proud to have been endorsed by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).

SleepMaker Memory Foams 

Memory foam, also known as visco elastic foam, is a kind of polyurethane foam that has been chemically modified to make it more elastic and responsive than regular bedding foam. It is a pricey foam because it is quite dense and provides excellent comfort while also lasting a lot longer than less costly foams. Thanks to memory foam’s performance and reputation, it’s considered a premium foam; it’s worth having in your mattress.  

At SleepMaker, our Memory Foam+ was invented in-house and is considered the next generation of memory foam. So what makes it so special you ask? Well in non-scientific terms, SleepMaker’s Memory Foam + has superior airflow to leave the foam fresher, with a cooler, more comfortable surface. But the best news is – it’s better for the planet. And just like Dreamfoam, our scientists drastically reduced the amount of chemicals used in Memory Foam+, and as a result, we are proud to have been endorsed by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). 

SleepMaker Infused Foams 

You may have heard of some of our infused foams like Copper:Gel, Fusion:Gel and Fusion:Graphene, and yes, a lot of science has gone into creating these infused foams. Essentially infused foams are made of up foam with an element infused into it. The foam used can either be a traditional foam or a memory foam, depending on the purpose of the foam. The elements infused into foams can be things like copper (which is known for it’s antibacterial, anti fungal and surface viral reducing properties) or graphene which aids in temperature balance. Gel infused foams, literally have visible gel particles inside the foam. Gel particles are infused evenly through our superior memory foam while being manufactured. The gel particles are energy-absorbing and Gel infused memory foam takes longer to heat up than regular memory foam. This is extremely important in the in early phase of sleep.

SleepMaker Latex

Natural latex is sourced from sustainable farms in Sri Lanka. Natural latex provides excellent support for your entire body. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, making it ideal for people who suffer from allergies. However, that said, it’s estimated that 6% of people suffer from a latex allergy, if this is the case for you, make sure you avoid having any latex in your mattress. 

Latex is also resistant towards mildew, and mold; and has antibacterial, and antifungal qualities, perfect for a healthier sleep. 

While all latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree, there are two different processes used to turn liquid latex into soft, comfortable latex foam. The latex used by SleepMaker is created using the Dunlop process. Although the more expensive of the two processes to manufacture, the Dunlop process creates a denser, more durable foam, that has a better feel and is made without the use of additional chemicals to form the foam. 

What are Innerspring Mattresses Made Of?

Metal coils/ springs are used in the support cores of innerspring mattresses to create a sturdy, durable foundation. For more than a century, innerspring mattresses have been a preferred option. The style, which is still in demand today, is considered to have started in the 1870s.  

At SleepMaker, we’re lucky because we are able to manufacture our own springs right here in Australia. We have a range of pocket springs and zoned pocket springs. Pocket springs are great for individualised support, right where you need it most. Our Product Development team of sleep experts have worked hard over the years to develop new spring systems for ultimate biometric support. Our Activesense springs are hourglass-shaped and actively detect and deflect pressure. Our Lifestyle range has either pocket springs or Activesense depending on the models.  

SleepMaker’s Sensor zone spring system is actually a combination of spring and foam. We launched it back in the 1990’s and it’s often considered to be a hybrid technology. Sensorzone’s unique integration of springs working with a foam core improves comfort by evenly distributing weight in key areas like the hip and shoulder while significantly increasing mattress durability by reducing the workload on each spring. Our SleepMaker Cocoon mattresses have Sensorzone. 

In 1988 we launched our SleepMaker Miracoil which, at the time was a world-class sleep system, designed to support Aussie’s backs and was the result of a long research and development process. More than 30 years later, our Miracoil has stood the test of time, showing us just how advanced the technology was.  After the success of Miracoil, SleepMaker has continued to scour the world for innovations in sleep technology even taking some inspiration from NASA’s space program. 

What Mattress Materials Should You Avoid?

So given all of the science, research and development that goes into SleepMaker mattresses you must be wondering which mattress materials to avoid? 

You want to look for a mattress that is made from the best mattress materials possible. Look for things like the GECA certification and the National Asthma Council of Australia’s endorsements. 

Where possible try to avoid mattress materials that aren’t sustainable. We’ve already mentioned that SleepMaker mattresses have TENCEL, but what we forgot to tell you earlier was that TENCEL is made sustainably from Eucalyptus trees.  

There are a number of newer, cheaper brands of mattresses on the market at the moment. Many of these mattresses are made overseas, done cheaply and with unsafe materials that are used in sub-par mattresses. Try to look for mattresses that carry the Made in Australia logo, because then you’ll know you can trust the quality and safety of your new mattress. 

Choosing the Best Mattress Materials

We’ve already determined just how personal your choice in mattress is – it can be as individual as your morning coffee order, so choosing the best mattress materials really does come down to your own personal preference. You might want to consider the type of back support you want and think about things like breathability, durability, stain resistance, comfort etc., so don’t forget to ask questions about the functionality of the technology in mattresses. 

While you might have your morning coffee order down pat, we bet there was a time in your life when you didn’t really know what kind of coffee person you were. You’ve no doubt had to drink a few bad coffees before you found the one you loved – and looking for a new mattress is much the same, only you don’t have to buy the ‘coffee’ to ‘taste’ it – you get to try mattresses in store!

Get the Best Nights Sleep Possible With SleepMaker

When you’re ready for that new mattress, take the weekend, pop on some baggy, comfy loungewear and head to your local mattress retailer – ready to do something that for many – feels very awkward! Yup – lay down and test as many mattresses at the store and armed with the info you learned today, together with a bedding advisor you will be able to place your perfect mattress order, and with all of your newfound knowledge maybe now you can be your own mattress barista. 

SleepMaker has developed a wide range of advanced technologies to create excellent mattresses in Australia to ensure the most comfortable and supportive sleep possible. We’ve curated our range of mattresses into 3 simple Edits to help you get the mattress that’s perfect for you. Why not check out our Performance Edit, our Essentials Edit or our Luxury Edit or why not take our Sleep Selector Quiz to find the best mattress for you, or check out our list of retailers to find a store close to you.

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