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Take a glimpse at SleepMaker's most exquisite collection of luxury mattresses, part of our Luxury Edit. A great night's sleep is one of life's enduring luxuries, so each luxury mattress we handcraft is designed using our decades of experience. The result - a mattress that will indulge your desire for luxury, even while you sleep.


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Made in Australia by Aussies to ensure the best quality
2020/2021 Australia's Best Rated Mattress Brand
Hand crafted by our expert craftsmen using only the finest materials.
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Only the finest materials

Natural Australian wool and luxurious silk fibres create layers of comfort within the quilt, whilst bespoke woven fabrics will give you that five-star hotel feeling every night. You deserve the very best SleepMaker has to offer.

The world’s most advanced support technology

The foundation of every Cocoon is our Sensorzone system. Unique to SleepMaker, each spring is isolated and nestled in eco-friendly DreamFoam - creating superior stability and incredible support. Say goodbye to partner disturbance forever.

Hand crafted by Australians for Australians

Every SleepMaker Cocoon is made to order in Australia by our expert craftsmen and women. Every layer is carefully built up by hand, ensuring quality in every detail and superior comfort at every level.

The ultimate combination of spring and foam technologies provide targeted support exactly where you need it. The Sensorzone® core offers 100mm of unique spring technology deep within a Dreamfoam core, while the Sensorzone® Advance core offers full heigh springs to provide unrivalled sleep comfort and durability.
Kulkote, our temperature regulating technology helps you to stay cooler by helping to manage your body temperature while you sleep, keeping your more comfortable in bed.
The Quilting
Quality fibers such as lustrous natural silk and luxurious cashmere help to improve the airflow and breathability in our Cocoon mattresses.
Opulent Comfort Layers
New pressure relieving comfort layers provide a luxurious feel without compromising on support and therapeutic qualities. Anti-microbial treatment of the comfort layer foams protects against common household allergens.


  • Cocoon
Models and structural components in the SleepMaker Cocoon range vary and provide a selection of comfort choices. Models may vary between retailers.

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dimension Size Guide
dimension Cocoon 10 Year Warranty
The entire range of SleepMaker Cocoon mattresses come with our trusted 10 year Warranty.
dimension Frequently Asked Questions

Where are SleepMaker Cocoon mattresses made?

Every SleepMaker Cocoon is handcrafted right here in Australia.

What makes SleepMaker Cocoon mattresses so luxurious?

Made with bespoke woven fabrics and SleepMaker’s most advanced support technology, every minute detail of the SleepMaker Cocoon is intricately designed for luxury.

Is the SleepMaker Cocoon the best mattress in Australia?

They say it’s the most beautiful sleep ever made, so yes, we absolutely know that the SleepMaker Cocoon is the best mattress in Australia.

Are you ready to try the most beautiful sleep ever made?

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