SleepMaker Loves Sustainability: Clean Up Australia Day

One of our favorite celebrations and community causes is finally here! Clean Up Australia Day, 2022!

What began over thirty years ago as a modest notion to make a difference in his garden by an “ordinary Australian bloke” has grown into the country’s largest community-based environmental event. Clean Up Australia motivates and empowers people to clean up, repair, and maintain the environment, but Australia’s waste problems cannot be solved in a single day.

Clean Up Australia has evolved over the last three decades into an organisation that collaborates with the community, government, and businesses to provide practical solutions to help us all live more sustainably every day of the year.

At SleepMaker, we’ve been inspired by the Clean Up Australia Day movement to pledge to strive for a Zero Waste Policy. Keep reading below to learn more about the cool ways we are helping the environment at SleepMaker.

Fully Sustainable business ecosystem


We are working hard to support the SleepMaker “business ecosystem” and moving towards being fully sustainable and ensuring all activities carried out internally are respectful of the planet from waste sorting to printing less and everything in between.

Local Suppliers


At SleepMaker, we are committed to manufacturing in Australia and using local suppliers. This has a number of positive impacts on the environment; the reduction of greenhouse gases used in transportation is one example. One of our key suppliers, Dunlop Foams currently hold a Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) endorsement. This certification ensures our mattresses are healthier, safer and better for the environment.

Sustainable, organic and raw materials


At SleepMaker, we know how important sustainability and conscious product choices are, not just for our environment but for the future generations to come. It’s just one of the many reasons we use environmentally conscious materials such as TENCEL, SEAQUAL, GECA-approved products and natural latex, organically sourced from rubber trees, all while ensuring almost every square inch of our mattresses can be recycled and repurposed.

Mattress and Foam Recycling


Did you know that foams can be recycled into into carpet underlays, plastics, and cardboard?

There’s nothing better than purchasing a brand new mattress, climbing in at night, or immediately for a cheeky nap, and enjoying each and every night thereafter ache and pain free. But what happens to your old mattress? As a founding partners of the Recycle My Mattress initiative and Sott Landing, SleepMaker actively works on solutions to improve the environmental and social outcomes of the bedding industry in Australia.

When mattresses reach their ‘end of life,’ SleepMaker saw an urgent need to help reduce the amount of mattresses that wind up in landfill, especially when the internal components may be recycled to create a wide range of new household products. To put this in context, Soft Landing can recycle up to 75% of internal mattress components, with steel springs becoming roof sheeting, foam becoming carpet underlay, and wood and husk becoming kindling, weed matting, mulch, acoustic paneling, and even animal bedding.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with SleepMaker


This year, we also saw several of our staff take on personal pledges to do better for the environment! These are some of the 1,200 friendly staff across our Australian sites! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with our latest news and to congratulate our staff below!

As we now know, we are working hard to keep SleepMaker as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. We’ve developed a wide range of advanced technologies to create excellent mattresses in Australia to ensure the most comfortable and supportive sleep possible. Why not take our Sleep Selector Quiz to find the best mattress for you, or check out our list of retailers to find a store close to you.

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