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Motion Comfort

MotionComfort by SleepMaker - The Ultimate Adjustable Bed

Take control in the bedroom. Upgrade to a MotionComfort adjustable bed. MotionComfort is the best in adjustable beds on the market. Discover comfort and versatility like no other with a MotionComfort electric adjustable bed.

A sleep solution that changes with your unique sleeping needs.


Customisable and ergonomic for optimal comfort.


Adjustable positions for targeted relief and support.

Health and wellbeing at the touch of a button

More than a lifestyle choice, MotionComfort also has many health benefits
Breathe Easier
  • MotionComfort gives you the ability to get comfortable in a position that feels more natural to sleep in at night.
  • Elevating your upper body by 45-60 degrees takes the pressure off your chest to help promote easier breathing. If you or your partner are prone to snoring, an adjustable bed will provide a significant benefit in reducing this by keeping the head position slightly elevated while laying down.
Ease Aches and Pains
  • Many people suffer from common musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, sports injuries, as well as general aches and pains. Living with chronic discomfort can prevent you from getting a restful night’s sleep.
  • A MotionComfort base and compatible mattress provide customisable support. This works to relieve pressure and actively support the joints that need it most, easing aches and pains.
Rest and Recovery
  • The MotionComfort base combined with any of our adjustable compatible mattresses is the perfect solution for post-operative recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Unlike sleep on a standard bed, a therapeutic adjustable bed maintains the natural curvature of the spine while you sleep, proving the optimal comfort required throughout the recovery process.
Better Circulation
  • Adjusting your body’s position in bed can be particularly helpful if you regularly suffer from swelling of the feet or legs as a result of poor circulation. MotionComfort can assist in reducing this by providing a sleeping position with a slight elevation that works to improve blood circulation while laying down.
Relieve and Restore
  • For those living with chronic back pain, MotionComfort and compatible mattresses have been ergonomically designed to help with better sleep and improved circulation through a ‘zero gravity’ position.

Superior sleep is a click away

Now’s the time to treat yourself to the ultimate in comfort, quality and support. Enjoy the perfect night’s sleep with our ergonomic bed that adjusts to suit your specific sleep needs, at the simple click of a button.

Whether you’re looking to relieve back pain or ensure a superior night of relaxation every night, the MotionComfort adjustable bed has therapeutic benefits to help you feel happier and healthier.

Fully adjustable allowing you to tilt your head up, your back up, and feet up and down. Take the pressure off your chest and breathe easier by elevating your upper body by 45-60 degrees.

• Two-piece design – Delivered as 2 individual boxes for ultimate convenience
• Positons: Head up, Foot up, Zero G, Flat
• Wireless remote
• 10 year structural guarantee
• 2 year electrical guarantee

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