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Our mattress shopping guide takes the guesswork out of buying a mattress that's perfect for your unique sleeping style. We'll guide you through the process of deciding what you need before you go visiting stores to try out your dream mattress. You'll learn where to begin, what questions to ask yourself, and, most importantly, which bed is the best fit for you.

1. Choosing between a plush, medium, or firm mattress is the first step.

You should consider your own unique sleeping preferences when selecting the right feel for your mattress. Plush, medium – the best of both worlds, firm, or extra-firm mattresses are all options you can consider. A plush (soft) feel mattress helps with pressure alleviation at core compression sites, such as the hips and shoulders. As a rule, side sleepers prefer a softer sleeping environment, but tummy and back sleepers want an even amount of compression across a larger surface area and may choose a more firm sleeping environment.


The softest feel mattress in the range conforms to the body's pressure points.

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Designed for: Side sleepers or those who like pressure alleviation in specific locations on their body.


Medium feel mattress conforms at key compression spots and provides more support for a good night's sleep.

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Designed for: This mattress is great for mixed sleepers who switch between side, back, and front positions during the night.


Ideal for individuals seeking more support across a larger surface area. Most hotels have a firmer mattress than home.

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Designed for: A firm mattress is ideal for back or front sleepers who need pressure relief over a larger surface area.

Our mattress shopping tips for choosing the right firmness

1. Try a variety of comfort levels, making sure you spend 3 minutes on each soft, medium, and firm mattress to feel the difference.
2. When you've found the mattress firmness that you like, test a variety of beds in that range.
3. Rest for ten minutes on your favourite mattress. Lie down in your natural sleeping position (side, front or back).

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2. What size mattress should I get?

We all know how important sleep is for the body's restoration and repair. If you're having trouble sleeping or are weary during the day, you should consider the quality of the mattress you're sleeping on. Mattress size is important for getting a good night's sleep, and the ideal size depends on a number of factors. How many people will be sleeping with you, for example? What is the approximate size of the person(s) with whom you will be sharing it? Do your children enjoy spending time in bed with you? Do you share your bed with your pets? And so forth.


92cm x 188cm, everyone’s fist mattress.

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Designed for: It's the ideal 'first real bed' for your child or a great spare bed for visitors.


137cm x 188cm, a generous size for an adult.

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Designed for: Ideal for a single adult living alone or for growing teenagers who require extra space.


153cm x 203cm, the minimum choice for couples.

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Designed for: Perfect for couples who want to sleep undisturbed all night.


183cm x 203cm, for when the queen won’t do.

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Designed for: The greatest option for couples with children or dogs who may occasionally sleep in the bed.

Super King

203cmX203cm, get a lot more sleep space between you and your partner.

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Designed for: Couples that prefer a little more space between them.

Here are some tips on choosing the right mattress size.

If you're buying a mattress for a youngster, a King single, Long single, or Double mattress will provide them more area to grow. The size of your bed has a significant impact on the quality of your sleep because the amount of space you have also determines the quality of your sleep. As your needs change, so might the size of mattress you need.

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3. What's better, spring or foam mattresses?

Choosing the correct bed technology for a good night's sleep is the final piece of the jigsaw. We go beyond the typical spring vs. foam discussion at SleepMaker, offering a wide range of spring technologies and hybrid spring and foam combinations to suit everyone's needs.

Pocket Spring

Hundreds of individually wrapped springs sit independently of one another, allowing them to adjust to the pressure points caused by your distinct body shape.

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Designed for: Perfect for supporting spinal alignment, relieving pressure, and effectively reducing partner disturbance.

Continuous Coil

A 5-zone support system with strengthened z-shaped continuous coils is meant to alleviate back tension and provide even more support across the hips, shoulders, and lower back - where your body needs it the most.

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Designed for: The continuous coil design perfectly identifies the regions where support is needed most through body compression, making it ideal for back pain sufferers or those who frequently encounter body aches and pains.


The ultimate spring and foam technology combination. Each spring is individually encased within a complete Dreamfoam core, giving sumptuous comfort and targeted support right where you need it most, all while virtually eliminating partner disruption.

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Designed for: Perfect for individuals who want the luxurious softness of Dreamfoam with the amazing support of our precisely engineered spring support systems - the best of both worlds.

Is it necessary to try out your bed in a store?

We at SleepMaker believe that you really should test before you buy. You'll never know if a mattress is right for you and your lifestyle unless you try it out for yourself. To make your bed purchasing experience a little easier, we've put together some helpful hints below to ensure you acquire the proper bed for a good night's sleep. Do you need to locate a store in your area? Find a store below.

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4. Steps for putting a mattress to the test in the store

1. To imitate your typical sleeping environment, dress comfortably, take off your shoes, and bring your pillow with you to the store.
2. Try a variety of mattresses in your price range and just outside it. Take your time to get a feel for the key distinctions in a number of ranges and figure out what you liked and didn’t like.
3. Next, experiment with a variety of different feels to see which one you favour – spend at least 10 minutes with each one in your usual sleeping position, ideally with your spouse.
4. Speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members about the many features and benefits of each bed, such as which spring system is chosen and why, temperature regulation technologies like Kulkote, allergy support treatments, and so on.
5. You’re all set to make the best decision possible!

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