Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman is one of Australia’s leading retailers, with 195 stores, Harvey Norman stocks an exclusive range of SleepMaker beds to suit all needs.

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Walton and Walton Deluxe

Essentials Edit
Harvey Norman has several ranges of mattresses found within the Essentials Edit, including the Walton and Walton Deluxe. Each mattress delivers a harmonious balance of comfort, support and affordability into one divine ensemble with their full width pocket spring technology.


The mattresses from SleepMaker’s Essentials Edit are known for being ultra-comfortable. Enjoy a deep, restful sleep on Australian Made layers of DreamFoam, the most comfortable and environmentally friendly foam there is. You’ll enjoy years of sleeping bliss from the very first night.

Elements Jordan

Essentials Edits

The heart of SleepMaker Elements Jordan is the revolutionary SmartCell technology, a new innovation that provides a seamless transition between comfort and support. SmartCell is created with a more uniform cell structure that allows air (and excess heat) to pass through the cell structure helping prevent heat and moisture build-up, while supporting where it should and conforming where it needs to. An added benefit of SmartCell is minimal motion transfer for a more restful, deeper sleep. The SleepMaker Elements Jordan is exclusive to Harvey Norman.

All the elements you need for a great night’s sleep without the complexity, it’s sleep made simple. We want every Australian to enjoy a great night’s sleep and our Essentials range ensures this. Each mattress is incredibly well made to our high standards to give great sleep at an affordable price.



Performance Edit
For people needing pressure relief for their back and joints or the most advanced cooling technology, SleepMaker’s Performance Edit mattresses are made to ensure you have a fantastic night’s sleep.


For more than 30 years, SleepMaker Miracoil as been the leader of our Performance Edit and you’ll find it sold at Harvey Norman stores. The continuous coil design provides balanced support to your body throughout the entire night, ensuring the natural contours of your back are supported and evenly cushioned.

Walton Imperial and Walton Supreme

Performance Edit
SleepMaker’s Walton Imperial and Walton Supreme mattresses are specifically created to conform beautifully to the body and assist with spinal alignment whilst minimizing disturbance from your sleeping partner and are an important inclusion to our Performance Edit.


SleepMaker’s Walton Imperial and Walton Supreme mattresses available exclusively at Harvey Norman have features such as pressure-relieving, superior memory foam and our Active Sense 5 and 7 zoned coil system that actively detects and deflects pressure.


Performance Edit
SleepMaker’s Raphael mattresse bring you a 5 Zoned, High-Definition micro pocket coil system, that not only supports your back but helps to reduce partner disturbance. Combining temperature-regulating Kulkote and the most advanced pressure-relieving foam – Memory Foam Plus, with a wool blend top cover that’s naturally dust resistant and breathable giving you a comfortable sleeping surface.


As a new addition to our Performance Edit, SleepMaker’s Raphael mattresses with bespoke spring systems bring you a strong sense of support and spinal conformability while you enjoy a great night’s sleep.


Luxury Edit
The SleepMaker Botticelli range at Harvey Norman represents SleepMaker’s Luxury edit and is built on a tradition of innovation and hand-craftsmanship passed down over four generations.


The Luxury Edit is for when only the best will do, and SleepMaker’s Botticelli range uses the best cooling technologies combined with 5 zones of high-definition support to make a luxury mattress that’s perfect for Australia’s climate. Kulkote coated Fusion:GelTitatium gives you two technologies that react to body temperature differently, while the silk within the top panels not only deliciously soft, but being incredibly breathable.
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