Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman is one of Australia’s leading retailers, with 195 stores, Harvey Norman stocks an exclusive range of SleepMaker beds to suit all needs.

HDX at Harvey Norman

Made in Australia, SleepMaker’s super supportive High Density pocket coils are configured into five independent pocket zones to give you 20% more support than the HD models for an even more supportive sleep and reduced partner movement. With luxurious silk in the quilt this range offers a premium feel, in combination with comfort layer technologies such as Graphene infused memory foam, KulKote and Fusion Gel offer temperature regulating properties to ensure a restful, rejuvenating sleep.
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HD at Harvey Norman

The HD range provides the balance of comfort that’s right for you, and gives the support your body deserves. Made in Australia, this range features 5-zone independent High Density micro pocket springs which provide a higher level of support compared to standard pocket springs and provide the perfect platform for reduced partner movement, while KulKote and Fusion Gel offer temperature regulating properties to ensure a restful sleep. The Climatex® Quilt provides breathability and individualised comfort with the softness of natural wool.
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Miracoil at Harvey Norman

We've got your back

Experience head-to-toe body support with the SleepMaker Miracoil range. This Australian Made mattress range offers an array of technologies to ensure you experience a rejuvenating and supportive sleep. Featuring a strong 5-Zone system, this range provides support to the hips and shoulders maintaining optimal spinal alignment. The Miracoil spring and helicoil wires run top to toe to transfer weight down the mattress rather than across it, ensuring maximum durability with minimal partner disturbance leaving you waking up rested and refreshed.
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Dakota at Harvey Norman

Get a good night’s sleep every night with the SleepMaker Dakota range. The advanced comfort technology within this Australian Made mattress range both contours to your body and supports you for a peaceful and cosy slumber. Dreamfoam® provides sumptuous comfort while Climatex™ Quilt offers a breathable layer for a healthy and restorative sleep, all paired with Ultra Fresh anitmicrobial treatment that inhibits the growth of bacteria and helps to keep your mattress fresh, hygienic, and odour free.
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