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Beds Australia is the specialist in leading Australian Made mattress brands – we know SleepMaker.

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Performance Edit
As part of Sleepmaker’s Performance Edit, the Lifestyle range at Beds Australia includes the Green Ribbon awarded Dreamfoam with Fusion:Gel for pressure relief and heat absorption that is enhanced by the natural properties of wool fibre.


The mattresses from SleepMaker’s Essentials Edit are for you if you enjoy high-quality goods that are also quite affordable, as the majority of Australians do. Each mattress is very well constructed to meet our high standards and provide comfortable sleep at excellent value.
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Performance Edit
The Performance Edit mattresses from SleepMaker are made with the most advanced cooling technology to provide you the finest pressure relief for your back or joints.


For over 40 years, generations of Australians have relied on the brand that has always had their back; and it’s a Miracoil. Renowned for their support and durability, the Miracoil Classic and Miracoil Advance 5-Zone continuous springs maintain optimal spinal alignment. The SleepMaker Miracoil range at Beds Australia is endorsed by Sports Chiropractic Australia (SCA).


Luxury Edit
The ultimate of comfort and support is at the foundation of every Cocoon in the patented Sensorzone system, individual springs nestling within the Dreamfoam core; virtually eliminating partner disturbance. A great night’s sleep is one of life’s enduring luxuries: experience the Cocoon Black, Silver and Gold from Beds Australia with natural wool, silk and cashmere fibres.


The SleepMaker Cocoon at Beds Australia is the foundation of SleepMaker’s Luxury edit and is built on a legacy of innovation and hand-craftsmanship handed down over four generations.
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