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Every SleepMaker...

Is Made by Aussies to ensure only the very best quality.

Has Superior, Australian Made Dunlop Foams in every SleepMaker mattress.

Ultra-Fresh provides SleepMaker mattresses protection against the growth of odour causing bacteria, fungi, mildew and moulds.

As a founding member of Sustainable Choice, SleepMaker cares about the environment.

SleepMaker Essentials Edit
Everything you need and nothing you don't, the Essentials Edit is designed to give great sleep at an affordable price.
Support all night long.
Cutting-edge mattress technology ensures excellent support all night long so you'll rise each morning feeling renewed and revitalised.
Incredible comfort.
Our super comfy Essential mattresses use trusted SleepMaker expertise to ensure you get a restful night's sleep.
Extraordinary value and quality.
Our Essentials Edit makes sure that every Australian can have a good night's sleep. Each SleepMaker mattress in the Edit is superbly constructed and offered at a superb value.
SleepMaker Performance Edit
Designed by experts, the Performance Edit is built from the ground up using extra performance technology designed to have you sleeping like a baby.
Advanced support with no equal.
Made to provide you with high tech support so you can wake up every morning feeling your best. We've got the ideal support system for you since only SleepMaker provide customised support systems across our whole range.
The pressure relief your body needs.
Aching joints or severe back discomfort will stop you sleeping deeply. The Performance Edit provides targeted comfort to cushion you throughout the night.
Enjoy the perfect sleep temperature.
No more night sweats or doona hogging with SleepMaker's cutting-edge temperature regulating technology. You'll be at the ideal sleeping temperature all night long thanks to our exclusive mattress technology.
SleepMaker Luxury Edit
For the most exquisite sleep experience, look no further. The Luxury Edit is for when only the best will do.
The finest materials and luxury finishes.
Each mattress in the Luxury Edit is constructed from the world's best materials, from Australian wool, to luxurious silk, and the softest cashmere. Designed using our most advanced temperature management technologies, you'll wake feeling refreshed and at your best.
Support and comfort like no other.
To guarantee the highest level of comfort and support, only our custom support systems and highest quality Australian Made comfort layers are used in the Luxury Edit. Patented technology ensures outstanding support, no partner disturbance and a sleep like no other.
Handcrafted by master upholsterers.
Handcrafted to order in Australia by our skilled artisans, every layer is painstakingly constructed by hand using only the best materials from across the world. Our time-honored processes guarantee high quality in every detail and comfort at every level.
Popular Range: Cocoon
Part of the Luxury Edit, each Cocoon mattress is handcrafted by our expert craftsmen using the finest materials and construction techniques.
Only the finest materials.
Natural wool and luxurious silk creates layers of enveloping comfort within the quilt, while bespoke woven fabrics add unmatched luxury detail.
Made by master craftsmen.
Each Cocoon is made to order by our master craftsmen. Every layer is carefully built up by hand, ensuring quality in every detail.
Advanced support technology.
The foundation of every Cocoon is our Sensorzone system. Each spring is isolated in DreamFoam - creating superior stability and exquisite support.
Popular Range: Miracoil
Recommended by Chiropractors for over 30 years and trusted by Australians to provide a supportive and comfortable sleep night after night, year after year.
Chiropractic support.
Designed for optimal postural alignment and pressure relief where it’s needed most, with a head-to toe support system endorsed by Chiropractors.
The bed that’s got Aussie backs.
We understand that Aussie's come in different shapes and sizes. Our durable Miracoil mattresses are designed to suit these unique differences.
Healthy sleep. Healthy life.
Sleep sits alongside diet and exercise as the three pillars of health. Miracoil mattresses are designed to help deliver a healthy, nourishing sleep.
Popular Range: Elements
All the elements you need for a great night’s sleep without the complexity, it’s sleep made simple. Made with revolutionary SmartCell and Airwave comfort technologies.
More comfort, more support.
The heart of this bed is made from revolutionary SmartCell. Using clever chemistry and CO₂ to create a uniform bubble structure that’s more supportive, more comfortable and more breathable.
A fresher, cooler sleep.
Hundreds of peaks and valleys in the Airwave(TM) comfort layer help create channels in your mattress where air can flow freely, allowing hot, damp air to escape and cool, dry air to settle in for the night.
Made With Sustainability In Mind
Designed specifically to be easy and efficient to recycle, helping great projects like the Soft Landing keep more old and unwanted mattresses from landfill.
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How do SleepMaker mattresses compare to bed-in-a-box brands?

Our mattress ranges are unique and designed to meet the needs of Aussies. They aren’t just a one-size-fits-all sleep solution. So, whether you have a sore back, sleep hot or are looking for something more luxurious, SleepMaker has a bed that's made with you in mind. We’re also 100% Australian made and have been operating for over 80 years - so we’d like to think we know a thing or two about how Aussies sleep.

Where can I try a SleepMaker mattress?

SleepMaker beds are available in various major retailers throughout Australia so that you can try our beds before you buy and get advice from our sleep experts! You can find us in a store near you - We’re also in some smaller independent retailers so even if you’re from Alice Springs, we’re there for you!

Can you recycle my old mattress?

SleepMaker beds are available in various major retailers throughout Australia so that you can try our beds before you buy and get advice from our sleep experts! You can find us in a store near you - We’re also in some smaller independent retailers so even if you’re from Alice Springs, we’re there for you!

Do you deliver to Tasmania?

Yes, of course we do! We’re in 24 retailers across Tasmania and we actually have a factory in Launceston! By making it locally we can get it to you quicker and with lower carbon emissions than an import!

How can I tell if I need a new bed or mattress?

If you’re regularly waking up with back aches and pains or you’ve had your mattress for longer than 10 years, then your bed is either not performing as it should or you’ve changed but your mattress hasn’t.

As we grow older and circumstances change, our bodies need a little more support and legroom. A mattress you got in your 20s might not be the right mattress for you in your 30s when the kids and dog are added to the mix. So, a bigger or firmer mattress might be better suited.

Or, if your mattress is older than 10 years, the foam layers and springs in the bed might not be performing as they should and after 10 years there will be a build-up of dust mites and skin cells. To ensure you get the best support and mitigate the risk of allergens, we recommend replacing your bed every 8-10 years.

Will my mattress get body impressions?

Most likely! It’s natural for your mattress to mould to your body shape across the years of usage. It’s because of all those comfort layers on top! This indentation will be even more noticeable if you’ve got a plush mattress. To reduce dipping, we suggest rotating your mattress every 3 months.

How long is the warranty on SleepMaker beds?

Our Sleepyhead mattress warranties vary per range from 5 years to 10 years. Our bed base warranties range from 2 years to 5 years and 10 years. Whereas, all our headboards come with a simple 5 year warranty.

Where are SleepMaker mattresses made?

SleepMaker mattresses are 100% Australian made across 5 factories in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania.

Do I need to turn my SleepMaker mattress?

To help equalise body impressions and extend your mattress's lifespan, please rotate your mattress every two weeks for the first two months, and then every three months thereafter.

What kind of bed base should I put my mattress on?

It is important to have the right kind of bed base to ensure your mattress is properly supported with enough airflow. Our mattresses are designed to perform best when combined with the matching ensemble base - see our range here. The size of the base should be the same as the size of the mattress as a difference in size can cause sinking. If you’re not buying one of our recommended bases, we suggest avoiding flexi-slat bases as these soften over time and avoid wooden slat bases if there are fewer than 12 slats or if the gaps between slats are more than 8cm apart.

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