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Each Cocoon mattress is handcrafted by our expert craftsmen using the finest materials and construction techniques.
Only the finest materials
Natural wool and luxurious silk creates layers of enveloping comfort within the quilt, while bespoke woven fabrics add unmatched luxury detail.
Made by master craftsmen
Each Cocoon is made to order by our master craftsmen. Every layer is carefully built up by hand, ensuring quality in every detail.
Advanced support technology
The foundation of every Cocoon is our Sensorzone system. Each spring is isolated in DreamFoam - creating superior stability and exquisite support.
Sleep soundly with the conforming support and low partner disturbance of the independent pocket springs.
Do not disturb
Individually pocketed springs move independently of each other. No more affecting the springs next to it – and no more affecting the person next to you.
Comfort that cradles your body
Hundreds of individual springs conform to your unique body shape, gently mapping the areas where support is most needed.
Sleep Satisfaction
The only mattress brand to be awarded 5 stars for customer satisfaction in Canstar Blue's 2020 ratings.
Recommended by Chiropractors for over 30 years and trusted by Australians to provide a supportive and comfortable sleep night after night, year after year.
Chiropractic support
Designed for optimal postural alignment and pressure relief where it’s needed most, with a head-to toe support system endorsed by Chiropractors.
The bed that’s got Aussie backs
We understand that Aussie's come in different shapes and sizes. Our durable Miracoil mattresses are designed to suit these unique differences.
Healthy sleep. Healthy life.
Sleep sits alongside diet and exercise as the three pillars of health. Miracoil mattresses are designed to help deliver a healthy, nourishing sleep.
Whether you’re looking to relieve back pain or just get a more restful night’s sleep, MotionComfort adjustable bed bases give you the ability to change the way you sleep.
You're in control
Use the remote control to adjust the base to the shape that's perfect for you.
Healthy sleep. Healthy life.
Take the pressure off your chest, lumbar or a get in a position that helps with circulation. MotionComfort can help you get the sleep you need.
Choose your comfort
MotionComfort adjustable bases are compatible with a wide variety of SleepMaker mattresses to meet every need and comfort requirement.
Bed In A Box
The most convenient way to buy a mattress. Pick it up, take it home, unbox it and sleep!
Sleep. Easy.
Get a great sleep without the hassle. Pick it up instore, take it home in the back of your car, unbox and sleep!
Sleep Satisfaction
The only mattress brand to be awarded 5 stars for customer satisfaction in Canstar Blue's 2020 ratings.
What dreams are made of
Bed In A Box is made from premium quality Dreamfoam, a unique, supportive foam that's kinder to the environment.
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