Too hot or too cold?

How we sleep, coupled with the room temperature or if you share a bed can all affect our body temperature at night. Women have a lower metabolic rate than men so they produce less heat and can sometimes feel colder. But every one of us is different, so choosing a bed to fit can be difficult. So, we’ve introduced a unique technology Kulkote into our mattresses that senses how you sleep, hot or cold.

What is Kulkote?

University tested

Kulkote technology is similar to what’s used in spacesuits to regulate the body temperature of an astronaut. When your skin temperature reaches between 29°C and 33°C, the Kulkote technology activates. Auckland University testing found that in a simulation of someone asleep on the Kulkote mattress, the sleep surface reached 29°C and stayed at this temperature for 22 straight hours. However, on a traditional mattress without Kulkote, the sleep surface reached 35°C and stayed that way – a full six degrees hotter than the mattress using Kulkote. 

Kulkote Types

Kulkote is found in SleepMaker mattresses in Australia and we make them using different kinds of Kulkote for different beds. While they all use the same temperature sensing technology – we’ve supercharged it in some ranges by using elements like copper and silver. 


This is the magic of  Kulkote in the mattress layer that works to absorb and release energy at specific temperatures. So when you’re too hot,  Kulkote works at drawing out heat from your body, storing it then releasing any heat back if you get too cold. This all happens while you sleep – it’s temperature regulation technology designed to give you a more consistent sleeping climate. 

Kulkote Copper

Mattress innovation has been supercharged with the temperature regulation of Kulkote plus one of mother nature’s best known thermal conductors, copper. As Kulkote works while you sleep to wick warmth away from the body then release it back if needed, the addition of copper improves that heat transfer for a better sleep environment. 

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