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Sleep helps to restore and heal the body. Good sleep is essential and when you aren’t sleeping well, your health takes a blow and you run yourself down. When you aren’t sleeping well and there's no external factors disrupting you, then you should ask yourself - is it my mattress? Your mattress might be too old, too cramped or too hot and might not suit you or the way that you sleep. At SleepMaker, we believe mattress size plays a pivotal role in getting a good night's sleep and have created this handy mattress size guide to help you improve your sleep.

Mattress Size Guide

Single Mattress Size - Everyone’s first mattress

92cm x 188cm / 36.2″ x 74″

One of our smallest beds available, the single sized mattress is great for your child or last minute guest needing a bed for the night.

Long Single Mattress Size - Best value for growing kids

92cm x 203cm / 36.2″ x 79.9″

An ideal first bed that’s long lasting and built to fit your growing child. With a length of 203cm, the long single mattress size won’t be outgrown. As an added bonus, you can put together two long single mattresses and make a customisable king bed for sleepers of different needs or for adjustable bases.

King Single Mattress Size - Perfect step up from a single

107cm x 203cm / 41.5″ x 79.9″

The perfect mattress for the prince or princess in your home. This bed is long enough for growing kids or solo adults and wide enough to give enough room to move around at night. The king single mattress size is also ideal for the guest room when you don’t have lots of space.

Double Mattress Size - A generous size for an adult

137cm x 188cm / 53.9″ x 79.9″

A double mattress is an ideal size for your growing teen or if you’re living on your own and don’t have the biggest bedroom. This mattress size is also a great option for guests.

Queen Mattress Size - the minimum choice for couples

153cm x 203cm / 60″ x 79.9″

A good starting point for couples where bedroom space is limited. The most popular mattress for couples, a queen size mattress fits in almost every bedroom and has just enough room for two.

King Mattress Size - get a lot more sleep space between you and your partner

183cm x 203cm / 72″ x 79.9″

A bed with extra legroom, the super king size mattress caters to couples that need a little extra space. Big enough for the family dog or a child needing cuddles.

Super King Mattress Size - for the largest mattress available on the Aussie market

203cm x 203cm / 79.9″ x 79.9″

Our biggest bed, the California king size mattress is big enough for the whole family! At over 2m wide, it's big enough for you, your partners, your kids and your fluffy friends! If you’ve got enough space in your bedroom, this is the ideal mattress size for growing families.

How to Measure Your Bedroom for a Bed

Ensure you get the best SleepMaker bed experience by making sure your new mattress is the right fit for your bedroom and lifestyle. Whether it's a single size mattress or super king, your bed size makes a huge difference. A bed that’s too big for the room will feel cramped and uncomfortable no matter what size mattress you’d prefer, so having one that fits your home will better fit your lifestyle. Got the right mattress size fit? Now it’s time to choose one.

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Standard Bed and Mattress Sizes


Your best bed size might suit you and the whole family but not suit your bedroom. When choosing your mattress size, you also need to consider the size of the room. All of our mattresses are proudly hand made here in Australia. Because of this and the soft and compressible nature of the materials we use mattresses may vary 1-2cm from the size guide. Variation within this range is considered normal, with the measurements given in the size guide intended to be indicative.


Check out our mattress dimensions below:


SleepMaker Mattress Sizes


AU Mattress Size Metric Measurements (Cm) Imperial Measurements (Inches)
Single 92 x 188 36.2″ x 74″
Long Single 92 x 203 36.2″ x 79.9″
King Single 107 x 203 41.5″ x 79.9″
Double 137 x 188 53.9″ x 79.9″
Queen 153 x 203 60″ x 79.9″
King 183 x 203 72″ x 79.9″
Super King 203 x 203 79.9″ x 79.9″



What is the best size mattress for you?

Finding the best sized mattress for you comes down to your height, weight and who you’re sharing your bed with. There are a few things to consider when thinking about which bed size to get so that everyone gets enough room in the bed.

  1. How many loved ones will be sleeping with you – a partner, a child, a pet? Are they sleeping regularly with you?
  2. How tall or heavy are you? What size is your regular sleeping partner?
  3. Do you have kids or big fluffy friends who like to spend time in bed with you?

Need more help? Here’s a few more bed tips to check out.


The Sleeper/s Single Single XL King Single Double Queen King Super King
A Child ★☆☆ ★★☆ ★★★
A Teenager ★☆☆ ★★☆ ★★★ ★★★
A Guest ★☆☆ ★☆☆ ★★☆ ★★★ ★★★
2+ Guests ★☆☆ ★★☆ ★★★
An Adult ★☆☆ ★★☆ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
2x Adults ★☆☆ ★★☆ ★★★ ★★★
2x Adults + Pets ★★☆ ★★★ ★★★
2x Adults + Kids ★★☆ ★★★
The Whole Family ★★★

Key: ★☆☆ Good ★★☆ Very Good ★★★ Best


Frequently asked mattress questions
What are the mattress sizes in Australia?
In Australia our mattress sizes are standardised to fit everyone! They come in Single (92cm x 188cm), Long Single (92cm x 203cm), King Single (107cm X 203cm), Double (137cm x 188cm), Queen (153cm x 203cm), King (183cm x 203cm) and Super King (203cm X 203cm).
What Size Is a Double Bed Mattress?
A double bed has a mattress size of 137cm x 188cm. It’s bigger than a king single and smaller than a queen. It’s the perfect size for growing teens or spare rooms.
What is the most popular size bed?
The most popular bed size worldwide is the queen mattress! She’s not too small and not too big! She’s juuust right! With enough wiggle room for the two of you but small enough to fit in most rooms, the queen mattress is a no brainer!
How big is a queen mattress?
A queen mattress is 153cm x 203cm which is bigger than a double bed at 137cm x 188cm but smaller than a king mattress at 183cm x 203cm. At 31059cm2 the queen mattress is 18% bigger than a double mattress! A big enough bed with legroom for two.
What size bed and mattress are good for 2 adults?
For 2 adults, the smallest mattress size we can recommend is a queen bed. However, the bigger the better is always encouraged! Ideally, when considering which size mattress to get, you’ve got to consider how much you move around at night, how many may join you in bed (i.e. kids, cats, etc.) and how big your bedroom is. If you have the space, then a Super King mattress will give each sleep partner enough room to move without disrupting the other and allow for any night-time visitors. Check out our Mattress Buying Guide for more information.
Do couples sleep better in a king-size bed?
Getting a better sleep means not having your sleep disrupted throughout the night. To reduce the likelihood of being disrupted by your partner at night, having more space around you is better for your sleep. Compared with a queen mattress, a couple will find they will sleep better with more room and less partner disturbance as a King mattress is bigger in size than a Queen. For more tips on how to get a better sleep, check out our sleep guide
How Long Does a Mattress Last?
SleepMaker mattresses have a 10 year warranty to last their lifespans. Generally, mattresses have a lifespan of around 8-10 years at optimal performance. After 10 years, a regularly used mattress can deteriorate up to 75% from its original condition. This decline in performance affects the supportiveness and comfort of your mattress and therefore impacts your sleep.
Other than size, what else should you look for in a mattress?
No matter the mattress size e want to make your bed shopping as simple as possible, so to help you find the right bed mattress that will make sleep better for you, we have curated our bed ranges into three simple edits: Luxury, Performance and Essentials. Read more to learn about these ranges.
What’s the Best Mattress Size For Me?
There are three key considerations to choosing the right mattress size including, how many people will be sleeping on the bed, what is the size of the people and are you expecting any extra guests? Get more info in our blog about finding the best mattress size.
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