The most luxurious sleep you’ll ever experience.

Luxurious Mattresses handmade to the most exacting standards using the world’s finest materials, exceptional support and delicious comfort result in the most wonderful sleep imaginable.

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Made in Australia by Aussies to ensure the best quality
2020/2021 Australia's Best Rated Mattress Brand
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Materials fit for a Queen. Or King.

From sumptuous silk to the softest cashmere, each of the mattresses in our Luxury Edit is made to order using the finest materials from around the the world. They are then individually crafted and hand finished to guarantee the perfect mattress for the perfect sleep. Passed down through generations, our time-honoured techniques ensure quality in every detail.

Support and comfort like no other.

At SleepMaker, we leave nothing to chance. To ensure the ultimate in comfort and support, each of our Luxury mattresses contains our own specially crafted foam and bespoke spring technology. Our team of craftspeople then make each mattress by hand, detail after meticulous detail. Our expertise ensures you sleep on the very best.

The ultimate in temperature management.

Our Luxury mattresses are designed to keep you at the optimal temperature for the perfect night’s sleep. Drawing heat away from you when you’re too hot and returning it should you become too cool, the most advanced temperature management technology ensures you wake feeling fresh, vibrant and at your sensational best.

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dimension Luxury 10 Year Warranty
We're dedicated to keeping you comfortable at night, so every new SleepMaker mattress from our Luxury Edit has a 10-year manufacturing warranty that our Australian retailers proudly support. At SleepMaker we make sleep so you can rest easy.
dimension Frequently asked Questions

Are SleepMaker's Luxury Edit mattresses made in Australia?

SleepMaker is a family-owned mattress brand. We're proud to manufacture all SleepMaker Luxury range of mattresses in Australia. We employ over 1,000 staff across our five Australian manufacturing sites, who are all passionate about sleep.

What makes SleepMaker Cocoon mattresses so luxurious?

Made with bespoke woven fabrics and SleepMaker’s most advanced support technology, every minute detail of SleepMaker's Luxury range of mattresses is intricately designed for the ultimate in luxurious of sleep experiences.

Do SleepMaker Luxury mattresses have temperature management?

Yes. Our Luxury mattresses are designed to keep you at the optimal temperature for the perfect night’s sleep. Drawing heat away from you when you’re too hot and returning it should you become too cool, they ensure you wake feeling fresh..

What Is a Luxury Mattress?

A luxury mattress is a premium, quality mattress that offers exceptional comfort and support. Each mattress is made using luxurious materials and the ultimate in comfort technologies.

Do Hotels Use Luxury Mattresses?

Any highly-rated hotel uses luxury mattresses and pillows in their rooms or suites in order for guests to have their best stay possible. As opulence and decadence are essential for a 5+ star hotel, the indulgence of a good night's rest on a luxury mattress is a must.

How Firm Are Luxury Mattresses?

Luxury mattresses are designed to cater to a wide range of comfort preferences, so you can find options across the firmness spectrum. However, due to the nature of quality materials and comfort layers, a luxury mattress at the firmest feel will often be softer to the touch.

How Much Does a Luxury Mattress Cost?

Using the most premium of materials and most advanced technologies comes at a cost to both the mattress manufacturer and the buyer. These prices vary from each luxury mattress retailer and some can even cost up to $600000 AUD! At SleepMaker, however, we offer affordable luxury. You’ll find the full price of our queen luxury mattresses range from around $3500 to $24000 AUD in various retailers across Australia.

What Are the Features of a Luxurious Mattress?

A luxury mattress will feature premium materials like luxurious silks, wools and specialised foams. More so, a mattress of quality will heavily feature advanced comfort technologies that aim in helping to regulate sleep temperature, improve support or reduce partner disturbance.

Are Luxurious Mattresses Worth It?

Well, have you ever felt exhausted? After going without much sleep for a while, the thought of a good sleep seems like the ultimate luxury. Now take that feeling and imagine falling into a luxury mattress, all that exhaustion dissipates as every inch of you is cushioned in comfort while being 100% supported. A great sleep makes a world of difference and so does the mattress you sleep on. If having a good sleep and investing in your health is an essential for you, then a luxury mattress is worth it. See our reviews for yourself!

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