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SleepMaker’s Australian Bedroom Trend Forecast 2023

We’ve all seen how design fads change frequently, something that was in style merely a few years ago may now be considered outdated.  If you’re thinking about starting the New Year in 2023 by upgrading the décor in your bedroom and giving where you sleep a trendy makeover, now the time for you to be aware of the top design trends for 2023, especially if you want your bedroom to look fresh for several years.  

Sometimes, in response to our way of life or current events, a design trend appears swiftly. Other times, the pendulum gently swings in the opposite direction, away from anything we’ve seen in bedroom styling for years.    

The way COVID-19 became a focus across the world is a great example of how current events have impacted style trends.  Even before COVID-19, SleepMaker’s annual Sleep Survey found there was a sleep epidemic in Australia.  But last year’s results demonstrated that Australia’s sleeplessness problems got worse after COVID-19.

Given the impact of the pandemic on us Aussies and our increasing insomnia epidemic, it’s no surprise that we at SleepMaker are starting to see a swing in trends towards bedrooms that are stylish and multifunctional, but it’s also no surprise that people are looking to create a feeling of total tranquility in their bedrooms. 

So, if you’re looking for a new year with a new bedroom, here are some of our predictions for bedroom trends in 2023. 

Style and Functionality


Over the last 2 years, we’ve seen a huge shift in the way people use their bedrooms. During lockdowns and now with many workplaces allowing people to work from home, many people have had to create a workspace within their bedroom. And it wasn’t just the adults who sometimes worked from their bedrooms, many children across Australia attended their online classes from their bedrooms. We saw a big increase in the number of bed desks for sale.

Whilst being very functional, and space saving, bed desks aren’t always ideal for long term use. It’s difficult to resist the allure of spending your day lounging on top of a plush pillow top, even though any chiropractor, physical therapist, or posture specialist will tell you that working from bed is not a good idea (in fact, they rank it as one of the worst places you can park yourself for hours on end). Plus, it might be the only choice for anyone without a designated workspace, making bed desks like the ones from Amazon very popular.  

There are a few things you should note before you jump at chance of attending your next Teams meeting from bed. As tempting as it sounds, working from bed doesn’t provide the same level of support as your office chair back in the office does. But never fear, there are some things you can include in the design of your bedroom to make working from bed more comfortable and to improve your posture.  

Are you the kind of person who needs another excuse for MORE cushions on their bed? Well, we have the excuse for you, and take it from me (SleepMaker staff member writing this), that a woman can NEVER have too many cushions! Using pillows strategically placed behind the curve of your back and under your knees (and where ever else you may find needing extra support) can help improve your posture while working from bed.

Across Australia adjustable bases have become so popular, which is again in line with people wanting style and functionality post-COVID. Adjustable bases turn any bedroom into a multi-use space, whether it be watching movies in bed, gaming, or getting better posture when working from home, adjustable beds are changing the way Aussies use their bedrooms and at SleepMaker we are proud of our range of Delta Adjustable bases.  


We want sustainable, earth-friendly bedding and mattresses


According to a 2020 study, nine out of ten Australian customers are more likely to buy ethical and sustainable goods. The survey also found that 85% of consumers want retailers and brands to be more open about the sustainability of their products. 

Our decisions in cleaning supplies, paint, food storage containers, and other things are influenced by our top concern for sustainability in the home. But since we spend so much time in bed each day, the bedroom is a crucial place to employ natural, eco-friendly materials. 

According to some surveys, 96% of Aussies aged under thirty are actively looking for bedding choices that are manufactured from sustainable fibres like TENCEL and bamboo as well as recycled materials, or organic fabrics should become increasingly prevalent.

At SleepMaker, we are incredibly passionate about to commitment to sustainable manufacturing in Australia. We use natural, organic and sustainable fibres like TENCEL, bamboo, cashmere, silk and wool. We have come mattresses in our range made with upcycled fabrics, and our premium Dreamfoam is Good Environment Choice of Australia (GECA) endorsed.


Choose your own colour adventure


After a long love affair with chilly greys, whites, and neutrals, colour is FINALLY returning to our bedrooms. 

Yes that’s right, warmer, bolder tones are starting to gain popularity as bedroom colours, yet soothing neutrals like white and grey will always remain classic favourites. We can see that popular retail stores across Australia are starting to embrace these bolder colours, Target and Adairs both have beautiful bedding collections at the moment with colours like emerald, terracotta, yellow and mustards to peaches and pinks and the whole spectrum of blues all of which fit with the general trend towards earthy, nature-inspired colours we’re seeing emerge.  

Add warm, vibrant colours to the walls or bedding in the bedroom for a splash of colour, or start simple with accents like cushions, blankets, or nightstand decor. 

There are no set guidelines for choosing the ideal colour for your your bedroom makeover, but if you’re searching for a place to start, think about choosing an interior paint colour with a warm foundation, such an earthy red or a brown tint that is reminiscent of coffee. Mood-enhancing colours of yellow like cream and butter are very popular in interior design. 


You deserve a little luxury


Over the last few years we’ve seen a growing popularity in fast fashion. Some people refer to fast fashion as disposable fashion, due to its lower quality, all too often garments will pill and wear out within one season. We are starting to get wise on fast fashion and realise it’s not only forcing us to buy things more frequently, but it’s also creating a lot of land waste. 

We are finally starting to rather spend more money on durable, well-made goods than save money on trendy, low-quality items. Apparently people who splurged on expensive household goods during the pandemic have grown accustomed to them and are now hesitant to live without them.  

If you want to spend a lot on your bedroom, think about the investment pieces that would make the most difference. A new mattress or pillow, for instance, might improve your quality of sleep, and an opulent sheet set can give you the impression that you are visiting a luxurious hotel. Something like SleepMaker’s Cocoon mattress from the luxury edit might be just what you need.  

Whatever colours or patterns you have in mind for your bedroom for the coming year, make sure you approach the design step with quality and elegance in mind. The importance of boudoir investment has never been higher, and a quick way to update and enliven the room is by adding gold accessories. 

In addition to being highly flexible, gold finishes look great in both maximalist and minimalist contexts. Numerous items, including as lamps and light fixtures, cabinet and door handles, furniture, and even your walls, can be adorned with gold accents. 


Get the Best Night’s Sleep Possible With SleepMaker


Renovating and upgrading the décor in your bedroom may make a huge difference to how your sleep and to how relaxed you feel.   

If you have decided it’s time to get a new mattress this new year, SleepMaker has developed a wide range of advanced technologies to create excellent mattresses in Australia to ensure the most comfortable and supportive sleep possible. Why not take our Sleep Selector Quiz (https://www.sleepmaker.com.au/sleep-selector) to find the best mattress for you, or check out our list of retailers (https://www.sleepmaker.com.au/stockists) to find a store close to you. 


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