Supreme Furniture

Supreme Furniture is an Australian owned and operated business that has been serving customers across Sydney from 14 stores for 15 years.


Performance Edit

The pressure-relieving Fusion Gel, superior memory foam infused with graphene, and Active Sense 5-zoned coil system of SleepMaker Lifestyle mattresses offered by Supreme Furniture are just a few of the features.


Mattresses from the SleepMaker Lifestyle range are a crucial element of our Performance Edit because they are designed to perfectly fit to the body, aid in spinal alignment, and reduce partner disturbance.
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Performance Edit

SleepMaker’s Performance Edit mattresses are made to ensure you have a fantastic night’s sleep, whether you want the best pressure relief for your back or joints or the most advanced cooling technology.


Available at Supreme Furniture and endorsed by Sports Chiropractic Australia (SCA), SleepMaker’s Miracoil has led our Performance Edit for over 30 years. The continuous coil design ensures that the natural contours of your back are supported and evenly cushioned while you sleep all night long.


Luxury Edit

Built on a legacy of innovation and hand-craftsmanship handed down over four generations, the SleepMaker Cocon at Supreme Furniture is the hallmark of SleepMaker’s Luxury edit.


At the heart of Cocoon mattresses is our patented Sensorzone core that’s designed with each spring sitting separately within a Dreamfoam® core which responds independently to movement, virtually removing partner disturbance. The Luxury Edit is for when only the best will do, so for the most exquisite sleep experience, look no further than a SleepMaker Cocoon at Supreme Furniture.
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