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Beds R Us

Beds R Us the home of Australian made mattresses

Australia’s leading independent mattress and bed retailer. Beds R Us stocks high quality hand crafted mattresses made in Australia.

Cocoon at Beds R Us

There is nothing more beautiful than a luxurious sleep. SleepMaker’s Cocoon uses unique Sensorzone® technology and superior quality materials to provide tranquil rest and help support you in all the right areas. Bedtime has never been more welcome. For even body support throughout the night, the ultimate combination of spring and foam technologies provides targeted support exactly where you need it most. The Cocoon range combines beautiful materials like silk and cashmere with the most advanced comfort technologies provides the ultimate in comfort.
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Miracoil at Beds R Us

For consistent, even body support throughout the night, the strengthened z-shaped continuous coil 5-zone support system design of the Miracoil range has no equal. The unique Miracoil Advance spring system provides durability and minimised partner disturbance whilst the Climatex Quilt promotes breathability and the dream sleep surface. Miracoil range offers a heavenly mattress that allows for a comfortable night sleep without compromising on the support and integral quality and value of a mattress. The SleepMaker Miracoil range is proudly endorsed by Sports Chiropractic Australia (SCA). They exist to enhance the health of physically active Australians through chiropractic care.
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Bed in a Box at Beds R Us

Needing comfort and support but also want convenience? Pick up SleepMaker’s Bed in a Box and take it straight home! Convenience doesn’t mean you have to compromise comfort. This mattress has the perfect balance between comfort and support. High quality Dunlop Foam core provides superior support while the sustainably grown Tencel has softness like no other and is highly breathable to help wick away moisture. Comfort layer foams are treated with Ultra-fresh antimicrobials to help keep products fresh, hygienic, and odour-free.
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