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Myer has been one of Australia’s leading department stores for over 120 years. With over 60 stores throughout Australia, Myer stock an exclusive range of SleepMaker mattresses for all.

Cocoon at Myer

The heart of the SleepMaker Cocoon range is our patented Sensorzone core. Sensorzone is a true hybrid technology, created to give you the best of both worlds. This is our most advanced sleep system integrated with exclusive SleepMaker technologies such as luxurious infused comfort layers of Graphene and FusionGel. Graphene particles are infused into memory foam for a plush feel that provides strong support and helps keep you cool, while in FusionGel, heat absorbing gel particles are combined with pressure relieving memory foam to help balance your sleeping temperature. In addition, a generous layer of soft and natural Latex Gold provides added comfort with its natural antibacterial properties to help maintain a dust free, healthier sleeping environment. Cocoon mattress designs include a detailed crafted finish and fabrics containing natural silk fibres. From handles to quilting, every Cocoon is signed off by a master craftsman.
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Lifestyle at Myer

SleepMaker Lifestyle is designed to provide the most comfortable night’s sleep for those looking for a great value, quality bed that will stand the test of time. With features such as pressure-relieving Fusion Gel, superior memory foam infused with graphene and an Active Sense 5-zoned coil system, the SleepMaker Lifestyle has been specifically created to conform beautifully to the body and assist with spinal alignment, whilst minimizing disturbance from your sleeping partner.
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Miracoil at Myer

The Miracoil mattress range offers the optimum back support and comfort using world leading innovative technology. The unique Miracoil Advance spring system provides durability and minimised partner disturbance whilst the Climatex Quilt promotes breathability and the dream sleep surface. Miracoil offers a heavenly mattress that allows for a comfortable night sleep without compromising on the support and integral quality and value of a mattress.
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