How do I find the right pillow?

Finding the Right Pillow For You


Choosing the perfect quality pillow is a personal preference and there are literally hundreds out there to buy. So how do you decide? There are plenty of factors that have a bearing on which pillow you ultimately choose. You’ll want a pillow that’s got the right feel for you. Pillows can be filled with plenty of things to help you sleep including wool, down, memory gel and foam. Also, what kind of bed are you sleeping in?


Your Mattress and Sleep Position Affects Your Pillow Needs


If you’re on an old dipping mattress, it’s putting you in a different sleeping position than a firm new bed. And there are other factors that go into pillow selection such as pregnancy or health issues that affect the position you adopt when sleeping. However, our pillow experts agree that how you sleep and what kind of pillow you should choose is important. So watch the video that best suits your sleep position to get some guidelines on what type of pillow to choose.
Tummy Sleeper
If you like to sleep on your stomach you make up around 7% of the population. Some consider it bad for your back but there are ways that can help with your spinal alignment while sleeping. We have pillows perfect for you in the 24/7 and Hush ranges. 
Side Sleeper
The most common position that Australians adopt when they sleep is on their side. Our Hush and 24/7 range of pillows have a range of profiles that will suit your needs.
Back Sleeper
Maybe you snore, perhaps you just like to lie flat on your back since many believe that is the perfect way to keep your spine and neck aligned. We’ve got some good advice and pillow options in the 24/7  and Hush ranges that will help.

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