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How to Choose the Right Pillow for You

Choosing the perfect quality pillow is a personal preference and there are literally hundreds out there to buy. So how do you decide?

There are plenty of factors that have a bearing on which pillow you ultimately choose. You’ll want a pillow that’s got the right feel for you. Pillows can be filled with plenty of things to help you sleep including wool, down, memory gel and foam. Also, what kind of bed are you sleeping in?

Your Mattress and Sleep Position Affects Your Pillow Needs


If you’re on an old dipping mattress, it’s putting you in a different sleeping position than a firm new bed. And there are other factors that go into pillow selection such as pregnancy or health issues that affect the position you adopt when sleeping. However, our pillow experts agree that how you sleep and what kind of pillow you should choose is important. So watch the video that best suits your sleep position to get some guidelines on what type of pillow to choose.

Tummy Sleeper

Best Pillows For Tummy Sleepers

If you like to sleep on your stomach you make up around 7% of the population. Some consider it bad for your back but there are ways that can help with your spinal alignment while sleeping.

Tummy sleepers need a lower or mid-profile pillow as they do not need the extra height between their chest and head. Our Sleep Experts say it’s okay to be a tummy sleeper as long you are using the right pillow to support you. You wouldn’t want to be a tummy sleeper whilst using a high profile pillow as it can sometimes restrict the way you breathe and sometimes cause neck pain in the morning.

We have pillows perfect for you in the 24/7 Contour Pillows and Hush Pillow ranges. Most Tummy Sleepers find the mid-profile pillow from 24/7 and Hush as the most comfortable pillow for them.


Side Sleeper

Best Pillows For Side Sleepers

The most common position that Australians adopt when they sleep is on their side. Our sleep experts tell their clients that the preferred sleeping position is on the side. This makes sure there is a nice straight line between your tailbone all the way up to the base of your skull. It’s important to have a pillow that supports your neck evenly across the mattress.

A recommendation from our sleep experts is side sleepers to have a high profile pillow.


What is a High Profile Pillow?

A high profile pillow is a relatively thicker pillow, typically between 4 and 5 inches in height, that offers extra support for your head, neck, and back.
Our Hush and 24/7 collection of pillows are some of the best pillows for side sleepers. Theres two collections offer high profile pillow options which are perfect for side sleepers.



Best Pillows For Back Sleepers


Maybe you snore, perhaps you just like to lie flat on your back since many believe that is the perfect way to keep your spine and neck aligned. We’ve got some good advice and pillow options in the 24/7 and Hush ranges that will help.

Back sleeping is often the preferred sleeping position because it helps to better align your spine. The con of sleeping on your back is that it can result in snoring. Our Sleep Experts find that a common mistake with back sleepers is that they often prop their head up with too many pillows. This can put their head in an unnatural forward position which puts stress on their necks. It can also close up the airways and cause sleep apnea which can be quite dangerous.


Our contour pillows can help with snorers due to the pillow shape as it allows the head to rest in a position which opens up the airways. Backsleepers often find our 24/7 and Hush pillow collections are comfortable as well.

Perhaps it’s time to think about shopping for a new mattress?

Not only are SleepMaker mattresses created in Australia to suit our environment, but also your particular sleeping requirements. Only 7% of Australians, according to our research, get adequate sleep each night.

No matter the mattress size, from a king single to your king sized bed, we’ve also discovered that going mattress shopping makes you feel quite uncomfortable. After all, it’s unusual to sleep in a bed when a stranger is strolling by.

We at SleepMaker aim to make buying a bed as easy as possible, therefore to assist you in finding the mattress that will improve your sleep, we have divided our bed ranges into three straightforward edits: Luxury, Performace, and Essentials.

Frequently Asked Questions



What Is a Low Profile Pillow?

A low profile pillow is the thinnest pillow available on the market with a height of 7.6cm or lower. It’s perfect for front sleepers as it provides enough comfort without raising your head too much and straining your neck.

What Is a Medium Profile Pillow?

The mid/medium profile pillow is between 7.7cm to 12.7cm and is the perfect inbetween profile size. It’s thick enough for small build side sleepers yet not too thick for most back sleepers. The mid/medium profile pillow works as a great profile size for guests or those that move around throughout the night. All SleepMaker pillows are available in mid profile.

What Is a High Profile Pillow?

A high profile pillow is the thickest pillow you can find starting with a height of 12.8cm. It’s great for reclining on when reading a book or if you’re a side sleeper. However, take care when considering this pillow profile as this height can cause neck pain or increase snoring if it’s not the right height for you. The key is to make sure it fits perfectly between your shoulders and ear. SleepMaker’s Fusion Gel Pillow comes in mid, high and contour profiles for a cool and supportive fit.

Discover the Ideal Pillow For Your Sleep Style At SleepMaker

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