David Jones

David Jones is one of Australia’s leading premium retailers. The iconic department store stocks a hunge range of luxury Sleepmaker mattresses for all.

Luxury at David Jones

Luxury lives in the finest details in the SleepMaker Luxury collection, with silk, copper technology, tencel and outstanding support for a sleep like no other. Infused with KulKote Copper, a surface-infused phase change material with breathable non-toxic anti-bacterial copper. Copper is renowned for its ability to conduct heat rapidly and KulKote helps wick away heat and moisture to help regulate body temperature. Gel and graphene infused memory foams are combined with Dreamfoam comfort layers to ensure strong and supportive comfort, helping to balance your body temperature and let you sleep in exquisite comfort. Natural silk helps improve mattress airflow and breathability with a lustrous comfort.
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Luxury Siena at David Jones

A sleep like no other

We set out to redefine the true meaning of Luxury and shift your definition of sleep perfection. The Siena range is handmade in Australia and encased in Armani Casa exclusive textiles by Rubelli featuring 100% Venetian silk. Introducing the first collaboration and bed with Armani Casa exclusive textiles by Rubelli. The Siena's Dual Sleep System will give you the best back support, no partner disturbance and airflow through the mattress.
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Maison at David Jones

Contemporary style and simplicity are showcased in the Maison range. Beautiful quality fabrics are interwoven with sumptuously soft and highly durable EcoSmart fabric, produced from upcycled PET plastic bottles that have been gathered from around the world, while a Dreamfoam comfort layer lets you sleep in exquisite comfort. The Maison range is infused with KulKote Copper, renowned for its ability to conduct heat rapidly, whilst helping to wick away heat and moisture for better temperature regulation. The Maison also features individually encased heat-tempered pocket springs that sit independently of one another within the mattress. This ensures only springs in direct contact with your body will move, providing more support where it's needed most and effectively minimise partner disturbance.
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