SleepMaker premium pillows

Our range of premium pillows are renowned for their incredible support and pressure relieving properties. Natural components in conjunction with our memory foam pillows to better assist in getting you a good night’s sleep.

CopperGel Pillow

Made with soft natural cotton and sustainably produced TENCEL®, SleepMaker’s CopperGel Pillow was designed to maintain your sleeping temperate while taking advantage of copper’s natural allergen protection.

Graphene Infused Pillow

SleepMaker’s Graphene Infused Pillow perfectly contours and adjusts for your unique sleeping position. The Graphene infused memory foam was created to conduct heat away from your head and neck. Link to popup

Fusion Gel Pillow

SleepMaker’s Fusion Gel Pillow, is the perfect choice to help reduce your night sweats. The temperature balancing, gel-infused foam core provides advanced support while keeping you cool.

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