Claim a set of SleepMaker sheets valued at $99RRP with your review!
Review to Receive
a Bonus Gift!

We value our customer feedback. This is why, for a limited time, you can receive a SleepMaker sheet set valued at $99RRP as a bonus gift by reviewing your purchase online.

Simply follow the steps outlined below.


Step 1

Purchase a SleepMaker mattress from any participating retailer in Australia.

Step 2

Go to and complete the form to register your warranty.

Step 3

Submit a review on the correct product on Once your review is live, copy the link.

Step 4

Complete the online form sent to your email address to claim your SleepMaker sheet set!

*Offer valid from 1/7/24 to 31/10/24. Conditions and exclusions apply.

Terms and conditions:

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