How to buy a new mattress

Choosing a new mattress is an important decision, though it’s often difficult knowing where to start and what’s right for you. To help make the shopping experience a little easier, follow the below useful tips to ensure you get the right bed to help you sleep better.     Do you have any health issues that affect your sleep? Do you suffer from back pain, sore hips or shoulders? Ask about the latest Ultra-Fresh treated Dunlop Foams technology that help to provide enhanced comfort and reduce aches and pains.   Size does matter  The more room you have in your bed the better quality of sleep you will have, especially if you’re sleeping with a partner. Space around you ensures an undisturbed sleep. Two people sleeping together should select at least a Queen – preferably a King or Super king sized mattress to provide space for restful sleep. We suggest you invest in the biggest size mattress you can comfortably fit in your bedroom.   We’re not all created equal As you can imagine, the support a jockey needs is different to the support a Wallabies player needs! The SleepMaker Sleep Selector can help provide a bed match to give you support that suits your body type.   Dress to test in-store Wear loose fitting clothing that’s comfy and easy to get on and off the mattresses. You don’t sleep with your shoes on so feel free to remove your shoes if you want to.   Test the mattress in your usual sleep position Are you a side, back or tummy sleeper? Always lie the same way on mattresses as you normally sleep at home. Spend 5-10 minutes on each mattress to ensure you have the right comfort and support. The aim is to find the bed that feels naturally comfortable and free of any aches and pressure points.   If there’s two in the bed If you sleep with a partner, it’s best to try the beds together. Move positions while your partner lies in their most comfortable position. This will enable you to determine how effective the bed is at minimising partner disturbance and how much space you each have or need.   Consider what kind of pillow you need Your pillow makes up 25% of the sleep surface and provides crucial support for your head and neck while the mattress supports your body. Combined, the right bed and pillow for you will provide the correct body alignment and help to avoid back ache. View SleepMaker’s range of pillows here We hope these tips will help you find the right SleepMaker mattress for you. If you get the chance, try the SleepMaker Sleep Selector first to get a bed recommendation for you, then head in store where the in store team can guide you through the selection process.
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