Getting children to sleep in winter

Getting children to sleep in winter

During winter it can be difficult getting kids to sleep at night. The cold plays a huge part in this –  they may be too cold to fall asleep or they may wake up in the middle of the night. Here’s some easy sleep tips to get your little night owls back into bed for a good night’s sleep:
  • Make sure they have a warm shower or bath prior to getting into bed. Be sure to dry hair completely if you wash it!
  • Hot water bottles are great. You can even dress them up in different covers so your little one has a new friend every night to cuddle up with
  • Some mattresses will steal the heat out of their little bodies from underneath. To combat this, place one or more thick blankets underneath their fitted sheet when you make the bed. This keeps the blankets from sliding, keeps them clean, and insulates them all around
  • Make sure the bed is off the ground and away from any exterior walls. Walls conduct the cold from the growth of mildew and increases the chances of condensation forming around you, making it both colder and increasing health problems
  • You’ve heard that a warm glass of milk packs a sleep-inducing punch, but did you know that bananas, turkey, peanuts and yogurt are also loaded with sleep-triggering tryptophan-rich properties? Give them any of the above about 30 minutes before bedtime and your kid will be sleepy and full for a good night’s sleep
  • Warm, cozy feet are a natural human sedative. Layer on the fuzzy socks and bunny slippers when suiting up the kids in their PJs
  • Instead of reading your kids a story, tell them a story once they are in bed with the lights off. Have them lounge back, close their eyes and relax as they listen. They may fall asleep before you finish.
If your child is still having trouble sleeping, read this article for further tips on how much sleep children need.
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