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High Quality Single Mattresses - The Best Comfort & Support

Looking for a single mattress? SleepMaker Singles range delivers the perfect balance of comfort and support, so you can sleep soundly through the night.
Hygienic Sleep Environment

Delivering a fresher, cleaner and more hygienic sleep experience.

Breathable Sleep Surface

Superior breathability with a luxurious, cushioning effect.

Durable Support

Offering a variety of spring systems to ensure you have the support you need.

Technology for one

SleepMaker Singles is the perfect kids' mattress and has been specifically designed to support growing bodies.
Advanced Support Technology
  • Singles mattresses are available with a variety of support systems to ensure you have the support you need
  • The Climatex Quilt pressure-relieving quilted sleep surface provides you with a luxurious cushioning effect.
  • The Climatex Quilt offers superior breathability while at the same time minimising uneven wear on the mattress surface.
Pressure Relieving Comfort Layers
  • Featuring quality comfort layers made by Dunlop Foams for optimum support and feel
Ultra-Fresh Treatment
  • Ultra-Fresh is applied to all Dunlop Foams cushioning layers to give you a fresh, clean and more hygienic sleep experience by helping protect against asthma and allergy triggers, including dust mites.

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You'll find SleepMaker Singles at Australia’s leading bed retailers. Each retailer has their own models designed exclusively for them. Often these have specific benefits which may differ from standard SleepMaker Singles mattresses.
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Which Sizes?
Choose from our mattress range for a size that suits your lifestyle.
width x length:
92cm x 188cm
Long Single
Long Single
width x length:
92cm x 203cm
King Single
King Single
width x length:
107cm x 203cm


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SleepMaker are responsible for multiple world-first innovations in the industry and manufacture only the highest quality products.
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