Why buy a SleepMaker Bed?

sleepmaker bed

We’ve been making quality mattresses for Australians for a very long time. Obviously the science of sleep and technology has evolved dramatically over the last 100 years, but throughout this evolution SleepMaker has led the way with technology and innovation.

We know that when it comes to selecting a mattress you only want the best, most comfortable, supportive mattress you can afford.

We know how Australians sleep

SleepMaker originated in Australia in the 1930s and is now owned by The Comfort Group, an Australasian family business who also have a strong bed and mattress heritage dating all the way back to the 1930s. The Comfort Group is the largest bedding and foam manufacturer in Australasia, employing over 1,200 staff.

SleepMaker are responsible for multiple world-first innovations in the industry and combine leading edge innovation, expertise in a world-class operating processes and production of the highest quality products.

All of this innovation and development was a result of knowing and listening to our Australian customers.

Superior craftsmanship

We believe craftsmanship is the single most important element in designing and creating the perfect mattress. Our reputation has been established as a business that combines leading edge innovation, expertise and world-class operating processes in the production of our mattresses. SleepMaker mattresses are only made with the highest quality materials, ensuring total comfort and support.

Australian made mattress

We’re dedicated to building and maintaining highly skilled and robust local manufacturing capabilities, and using locally sourced components where possible. We’re committed to long-term on-shore manufacturing, and we are planning further initiatives to improve Australasia’s competitive advantage in the world market.

Your mattress is made just for you

When you buy a SleepMaker mattress it’s made for you, from the day you place your order. No mass production or storage for your precious new mattress! Our team of craftspeople make your mattress at one of our Australian factories, using local labour resources.

Long term customer care

Your mattress warranty can be easily registered with us, and we will ensure you the very best after sales service if you need any follow up help or advice.
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