We Make Sleep.
And we make it simple to find.

We Make Sleep

At SleepMaker, we make the most incredible thing in the world. We make sleep. It’s something more precious than diamonds and more valuable than gold. Sleep is at the very heart of our health and wellbeing. Without it, we struggle. Mentally, physically and emotionally. With it, we are everything. We shine. We flourish. We excel. And we blossom.

We’re obsessed with helping Australians get a great night’s sleep.

Making sleep is our obsession. For close to a century, we have been helping Australians enjoy a great night’s sleep. We’ve learned that we’re all different and we all have different sleep needs. Which has inspired us to create a range of foams, spring technologies and hybrid spring and foam combinations to ensure every Australian can find a SleepMaker mattress that offers the perfect combination of support and comfort they need.

No matter what your specific sleep needs, we have the answer for you. Whether you’re a hot sleeper, need extra support or have a partner with completely different sleep needs to you, we have a mattress that will meet your requirements.

We make sleep for all Australians

Take a look at our new campaign featuring Australians of all walks of life as they look forward to the most precious gift we can give them; sleep.

We Make Sleep. And we make it simple to find.

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