I’ve just bought a new SleepMaker mattress, what should I do next?

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Congratulations on buying a SleepMaker mattress – you can rest easy knowing your new mattress is covered by our free warranty. If you have time, it’s a good idea to register your mattress so we’ve got your purchase details on hand incase you ever need to contact us about your purchase.

What You Need to Know


Depending on your new mattress, SleepMaker offers 5 or 10 year warranties against faulty workmanship or faulty materials. We don’t cover damage due to misuse, neglect or general wear and tear. Find out more about our warranty here.You may have been sleeping on a mattress that was providing inadequate support, so it may take several weeks or months for your body to adjust to your new mattress. Don’t worry, this will be temporary and your body and mattress will soon adjust to each other.

It’s natural for your new mattress to develop body impressions or contours over time. This can add to your comfort as it shows your new mattress is moulding to your body, which can help reduce pressure points and ensure a more comfortable sleep.

Excessive body contouring (more than 25mm for a non-pillow top mattress, or 35mm for a pillow top mattress) is covered by our warranty. To help equalize contours, we recommend rotating your mattress every 2 weeks for the first 4 months, and every 3 months after that.

What to Expect From Your New Mattress


Because all our mattresses are made to order, they can have a new mattress smell to them. We recommend airing your mattress before making it for the first time, and airing again when changing the sheets during the first few weeks.Going forward, regularly airing your mattress by leaving bed linen off for several hours is a good idea as it allows condensation caused by body heat to evaporate.


Read our guidelines on what to do when your mattress arrives, for more details.

Extra Comfort


You made an investment purchasing a new mattress so it makes sense to not only protect your investment, but also complement it. The right protector will improve the feel and the breathability of your mattress.You might also want to consider replacing your base and pillows. As the support for your new mattress, your base will affect airflow and roll together, while the right pillows will assist in helping to aligning your spine while you sleep. SleepMaker

Replacing your quilt will also help ensure a comfortable and hygienic night’s sleep. If your new mattress is higher than your old one, you may want to increase the size of your quilt so it fully covers the mattress and ensures your bed looks as good as it feels. If you notice your sheets (fitted in particular) don’t fit your mattress, new bed linen might be in order as well.

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We’re Here to Help


Please contact our friendly Customer Care team if you need help with anything related to shopping or caring for your new mattress.


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