Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

For most adults, lounging in bed sounds like luxury – but when it comes to children, they always need some convincing to get a good night’s sleep.


Good quality sleep is vital for children. Without it, kids are more likely to experience behavioural problems and mood swings. Kids who sleep longer generally also have longer attention spans.


It’s also important to remember that growth hormones are secreted while children sleep, and sleep is also a key time for the brain to restore itself and consolidate everything it has learned during the day. Children should get adequate sleep every night as it greatly effects their overall wellbeing and energy.


Experts Recommend the Following Sleeping Patterns for Australian Children as They Grow:


  • One to three year’s old: 12-14 hours a day


  • Four to six year’s old: 10-12 hours a day


  • Seven to 12 years old: 10- 11 hours a day.


Five Ways to Help Your Children Have Good Quality Sleep Each Night:


1. Keep a regular and consistent bed and wake time, even in the weekends


2. Create a relaxing bedtime routine for your children to do each night to prepare for sleep


3. Let your child sleep in a room that is cool, dark and quiet


4. Give them a good quality mattress that is comfortable and supports their growing body


5. Ensure their mattress is not old and overworn. Hand me down mattresses often harbour bacteria and dust mites that build up over time and can aggravate allergies and asthma.


If you need some convincing about why the quality of the mattress is so important click here to read an article about giving your children the best chance to sleep. Investing in a quality kids mattress is key to ensure that your child is comfortable and can sleep peacefully.

Otherwise, view SleepMaker’s great range of mattresses specially designed for children.


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